Where is My Tyndale Order?

Receiving items through the mail, or parcel delivery services has increased exponentially over the past few years. Last year alone, Americans received 12.5 billion tons of goods purchased online. It is now common to expect your shipment immediately with some online sites offering 2-day shipping. With this speed becoming the “norm,” what is Tyndale doing to ensure wearers receive their arc rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing in a reasonable timeframe?

There are three main areas that Tyndale highlights to ensure accurate and timely shipping:

  1. Stock
  2. Customization
  3. Safety


As a distributor of all major all major industry-leading brands, as well as a manufacturer of our own line of quality AR / FR clothing, Tyndale sells with widest selection of AR / FR clothing in the market. That being said, even we can’t stock every piece of AR / FR clothing in our warehouses, but we can order most any garment offered by a supplier. These garments typically take anywhere from just a few days to a few weeks to arrive at Tyndale. Occasionally an item might take longer. Rest assured, if you need clothing quickly you can turn on our in stock filter which only displays items which are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

In contrast, online retailers prefer to stop offering a product or size once it is unavailable, by simply adding a SOLD OUT notification to their product page. That’s where the difference is, Tyndale does not mark items as sold out. Even if an item is backordered, you’ll still be able to place your order and Tyndale can get it for you!

Tyndale has simplified our shipping process into a helpful video.


Many of the companies who utilize Tyndale’s managed FR clothing programs require employee garments display their company logo. To provide these services, Tyndale maintains over 175 embroidery heads across our various distribution centers and retail locations. Applying company logos, employee names, patches, reflective striping, and other embellishments lengthens the ordering processing time. Other online retails do not offer these services, and therefore do not have to accommodate these additional steps. If your AR / FR garment is in stock and does not require embellishments, patches, or reflective striping, Tyndale can typically ship quickly.


AR / FR garments are specialized pieces of equipment intended to be your last line of defense against severe injury – or worse – from an arc flash or thermal hazard event. Tyndale routinely inspects and verifies all garments meet the necessary requirements for safety standards, including:

  • Extensive testing of the AR / FR items Tyndale stocks
  • Investigating the supply chain to ensure quality products and materials are being used
  • Quality control for all fabrics and garment ratings

Tyndale is committed to providing every customer with AR / FR garments that feature full protection and maximum comfort. Login to your managed program, or shop online at www.TyndaleFRC.com for the largest selection of AR / FR clothing in the industry. You can also talk to one of our live customer service representatives at 800-356-3433. We’ve been proudly serving our customers for nearly 40 years, and will continue to supply the AR / FR clothing you require for years to come.


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