How Tyndale Ensures Consistent Sizing

Have you ever bought two of the same shirts, only to find one fits slightly different than the other? That is a quality assurance issue. At Tyndale our biggest goal is your satisfaction; we take our quality assurance measures very seriously and work hard to make sure you don’t experience these issues. We, more than anyone, understand that quality is more than a luxury, it is an absolute necessity when it comes to products you trust with your life. That’s why Tyndale utilizes Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standards to ensure consistent product sizing and quality.

What are AQL Standards?

AQL is defined as the “quality level that is the worst tolerable.” In other words, it represents the maximum number of defective units, beyond which a batch is rejected. For example, an AQL of 1.5% means that no more than 1.5% of items within the order quantity’s entirety are defective. In order to determine Acceptable Quality Limits a company first needs to determine the number of units to inspect within a given shipment and the number of defective units that will trigger a fail result.

The short video below features Tyndale’s VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, who explains how Tyndale ensures consistent sizing of each of the garments manufactured by Tyndale.

How Tyndale Avoids Defective Garments

Starting from the very beginning of our garment manufacturing process, sizing and consistency are taken into consideration. Tyndale’s on-site hi-tech patternmaking equipment – Gerber software and equipment – ensures Tyndale has complete control over the fit, style, and sizing of our garment patterns, maximizing quality while minimizing room for error and wasted fabric.

When Tyndale receives a garment from our manufacturing facilities to our distribution facilities, the Tyndale garments undergo an inspection for AQL conformance. Garments are measured against specifications, any garments with minor deviations beyond tolerance are monitored and corrected, while any garments with significant deviations beyond tolerance are not received into inventory and instead are segregated and sold through our Factory Stores as seconds.

As a leader in the protective clothing industry, Tyndale ensures every garment we sell passes stringent evaluation processes. We are committed to supplying products that meet or exceed the product specification, company image requirements, and our own expectations of quality including but not limited to consistent sizing for all garments.

Ensuring Tyndale garments meet our AQL standards for sizing isn’t all that that we’re concerned with when it comes to quality assurance. Quality assurance is woven into our manufacturing and distribution process.

  • Every item we sell is warrantied for the useful life of the garment.
  • Fabric suppliers are vetted by our Technical vetting committee before a single yard is brought into our manufacturing facilities.
  • Our testing lab regularly performs additional, voluntary tests to ensure fabric meets performance specifications.
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals measuring garments to ensure consistency, fit, and quality.
  • Our sophisticated barcode system ensures above 99.9% order fulfillment accuracy (you get the right garment, size, style, and color, with the appropriate logo).

For additional sizing resources visit our Customer Resource page to view a variety of sizing and proper wear guides.

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