How Tyndale Reimagined the 360° Experience

Tyndale is dedicated to providing an enjoyable uniform experience, and our Tyndale 360° service is an important part of that mission. This unique event makes it easy to transition into a Tyndale managed program, familiarizing workers with the program details and functionality, providing important educational information about arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing, introducing garments from your company’s catalog, and resolving any questions as workers get started. But how has COVID-19 impacted this experience?

It hasn’t. In a year when so much has changed, our commitment to providing excellent service has not. Instead, we have reimagined the Tyndale 360° experience so that we can continue to provide the information workers need for the program to run smoothly, the product overview they want, and the educational information that helps ensure their safety on the job.

In fact, we’re now offering the option of in-person Tyndale 360° events – with robust protocols to protect the health and wellness of all participants – or virtual Tyndale 360° events. You choose. Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, explains:


The virtual format for Tyndale 360° events offers all of the same benefits as the in-person experience, without requiring face-to-face contact. We schedule and host an online meeting with employees, providing the same educational information incorporated in traditional in-person Tyndale 360° events.


Does the virtual experience include the chance to review program garments?

The virtual Tyndale 360° experience includes a visual introduction to the items in your company’s catalog. Your company also has the option of reviewing samples of program garments, including:

  • A “program kit” containing a sample of items in your catalog
  • A “sizing kit” containing a standard woven shirt in a full size range to use as a sizing aid

Keep in mind: during COVID-19, we recommend limiting all garment sharing to the extent possible.

  • Tyndale can offer suggestions about how to use the garment kits while maximizing safety.
  • Alternately, workers may use our web-based tools to find the right size OR simply order normal retail size – leveraging our no-charge, hassle-free process to return/exchange any items that don’t fit appropriately.

With these flexible options, we’re pleased to deliver a world-class Tyndale 360° experience that safeguards participants from your organization and ours during COVID-19. If you have any questions or want to get started, reach out to your National Account Executive.

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