Tyndale’s COVID-19 Resources Reminder

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we must remain vigilant and remember to follow all procedures and recommendations to help reduce the spread of the virus. As we’ve all had to deal with these restrictions for months, it’s easy to forget or become lax in our approach to enhanced safety protocols. With the CDC forecasting a rise in COVID-19 cases through the winter, now is a crucial time to offer a recap of our extensive COVID-19 resources. This library provides information on FRC maintenance and disinfection, and answers common questions around FRC safety during COVID-19.

Tyndale’s COVID-19 Resource Library

To provide the most accessible and accurate information on FRC safety during COVID-19, our resource library features blogs, flyers, videos, and a comprehensive webinar. If you’ve never been to our COVID-19 resource page – or haven’t been there in a while – take a few minutes and have a look. The information here gives you an excellent refresher on how to stay safe and keep your FRC in top condition.

The blogs listed here are a selection from our FRC Safety During COVID-19 series. Click on any topic to go directly to the resource:

In addition to our blogs, videos, and webinar, you can leverage Tyndale’s printable flyers for your workplace. These informative flyers remind your staff about the dangers of COVID-19, how best to reduce the spread of the virus, proper ways to clean and disinfect your FRC and PPE, and even an instructional flyer on how to make your own FR mask! These flyers are free and available for immediate download.

  • Disinfecting FRC
  • Is Dried Bleach Residue Harmful to AR / FR Clothing?
  • Don’t Share FRC or PPE
  • Disinfecting PPE
  • DIY Sew FR Face Mask
  • DIY No-Sew FR Face Mask
  • How to Disinfect Arc Flash Kit Components

If you have additional questions related to COVID-19 and FRC that we haven’t yet answered, please fill out our online form located at the bottom of our Resource Library Page . We’ll quickly respond to your query via email.

Remember, we are all in this together. Tyndale is always available to provide helpful resources, guidance, and assistance to keep you and your workers safe.



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