What is TyndaleFRC Express?

At Tyndale, we firmly believe that all workers deserve equal protection from workplace hazards. However, if you are part of a small to mid-sized company, you’ve probably faced challenges with getting the arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing your workers need, in styles they want and like, at prices your budget can handle, and with the service your company deserves.

That is, until now! TyndaleFRC Express is reimagining the managed program experience for workgroups fewer than 50 wearers needing AR / FR clothing. Learn more from Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical:



What is TyndaleFRC Express?

TyndaleFRC Express is the purchasing tool you’ve been waiting for: a self-serve program that helps small- to medium-sized companies outfit employees with the AR / FR clothing they need, along with the services that save you time, money, and headaches. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Login in from any device
  2. Complete quick and easy setup through an intuitive user interface, with simple video tutorials to guide you through the process:
    • Build a custom catalog, choosing from popular brands – including our exclusive collections of AR / FR for men and women, which include a full range of American-made product options.
    • Customize your roster
    • Set your balance, with a designated allowance for each user caps overall spend
    • Add your company logo, if desired
  1. Enjoy comprehensive reporting and straightforward billing to your company credit card


Where can I learn more?

Explore our blog series. Don’t miss part 1 for general information, part 2 for an overview of the platform’s basic features, and part 3 for a closer look at some of its advanced capabilities. You can also tune in to the on-demand webinar.


How do I get started?

Gather a few pieces of basic information, and click here to get started today.

Need assistance? Support is just a call or click away.

Shopping instead for yourself, or need to outfit an entire workforce? Tyndale has a solution for you, too. Our solutions make it simple, convenient, and affordable to protect to work groups of all sizes.

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