SHOCKtober Episode 4: Gloves, Boots, and Eyewear – Not a Costume, PPE!

Each year, electric shock causes more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries. Follow along with SHOCKtober to learn all about this “shocking” hazard: how it works, what’s at stake, what the standards say, and how to guard against it.


Welcome to Episode 4 of SHOCKtober – a month-long series focusing on electric shock hazards. In this final episode, we are joined by a very special guest in the spirit of Halloween. Let’s see what one of Hollywood’s top experts on electricity and Tyndale’s VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, have to say about shock PPE:

Doc and Scott agree, anytime you’re doing energized work or working on electrical gear – like Scott does to create our arc flash videos – be sure to wear proper PPE, including:

And, fun fact – 1.21 gigawatts is a real thing! It’s equivalent to 1,210,000,000 watts! To generate this much power in real life, you would need either 1.5 800 megawatt nuclear reactors, around 600 wind turbines at 2 megawatts each, or a bolt of lightning (it’s true)!

We hope you’ve learned all about electric shock hazards and proper PPE during our series. If you missed an episode, or want to share the series with a friend or co-worker, click here! Have a safe and happy Halloween.


SHOCKtober: A Look at Electrical Shock Hazards

Follow along as we unearth this scary hazard and arm you with information and recommended products to help keep you safe on the job.

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