Five Best Kept Secrets to a Positive Workplace Environment

Inside the walls – and more recently, zoom calls – of Tyndale, maintaining our workplace culture is one of our highest priorities. We take pride in ensuring that each and every one of our employees know that they are a valuable part of Tyndale’s success and a crucial component in achieving our main goal: ensuring the safety of our customers. That is why, we are proud to announce our recognition as a Top Workplace in Philadelphia for the fourth year in a row!

Below we’re sharing five of our best kept secrets to maintaining a positive workplace environment that drives employee satisfaction.

  1. Prioritize the Safety of Employees

In every work place, safety should be a priority. As a leading provider of safety products, Tyndale is passionate about leading by example. We are committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees. Our employees are equipped with safety tips, training videos, and more. Most recently, our Vice President of Technical provided Tyndale employees with fact-based video trainings for staying safe during COVID-19. These videos helped employees navigate the unknown while ensuring safe practices for themselves and their families.

  1. Strive for Transparent Communication and be Receptive to Feedback

Tyndale operates in a way that creates openness between leadership and employees to maintain trust and improve the success of our organization. Even when faced with unprecedented challenges like COVID-19, our employees feel that Tyndale’s level of transparency demonstrates our high ethical standards and motivates our employee’s continued commitment to our company vision.

    • We advocate for involvement – across all levels of the organization – in our most important company initiatives.
    • We frequently send out company-wide improvement surveys to solicit feedback.
    • We actively incorporate the feedback, making it known to our employees that they are heard.
    • We communicate company updates and decisions through our bi-weekly internal newsletter and advisories.
    • And more!
  1. Take Pride in the Products and Services Offered

Tyndale employees take pride in developing and delivering high quality goods and services that our customers enjoy. Tyndale employees are given an annual allowance to purchase items in our company catalog, through our managed online ordering site. This gives Tyndale employees the opportunity to appreciate the same high quality goods and services our customers enjoy, and our employees work so hard to create and manage. And, helps support a professional workplace atmosphere.

  1. Improve Processes and Procedures

Tyndale is constantly working to improve our internal processes and procedures to provide the best possible products, services, and experience for our customers, and the most efficient workflows for our employees. By continuously evolving our processes and procedures to fit the unique demands across departments, we’re successful in removing inefficiencies and ultimately improving the productivity of our employees.

  1. Maintain a Family Based Culture

Our employees take on two new titles the moment they’re hired for a position at Tyndale; their specific job title, as well as ‘Tyndale Member’, used internally to refer to our employees. A Tyndale Member is so much more than just an employee. To cultivate a family culture, each and every member is selected because they are “smart, work hard, and get things done.” Tyndale employs professionals at every level of the organization – people who share the same values regarding our company vision. Our Members treat others with respect, and we’re proud of the people and workers they strive to be each and every day!

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