Where Are Tyndale-Brand Products Made?

As a USA-based safety company we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality products for workers in essential industries exposed to hazards and require arc rated flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing on the job. Tyndale goes the extra mile to manufacture garments that the American workforce is proud to wear. More than 90% of Tyndale brand products are Made in USA.

Now, more than ever, it is important to know where your garments and the fabrics are sourced and manufactured. COVID-19 has caused major disruptions in manufacturing and has fractured global supply chains, creating shortages in face of increasing demand. For this reason, knowing where your required AR / FR clothing comes from, directly affects you as a consumer.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Where garment fabrics are sourced
  2. Where the garments themselves are manufactured

Tyndale offers a full line of American-made products.

We have several manufacturing facilities located across the country from New York to Texas. Tyndale is also the proud distributor of Union Line garments. Union Line garments are Made in the USA by union members.

Be sure to evaluate your supply chain to avoid delays or reductions in the availability of AR / FR goods. Ask yourself where the AR / FR garments you’re buying are made – and do they offer the same advantages of Tyndale’s USA-based supply chain. By offering a full line of American-made products, Tyndale enjoys an uninterrupted local supply chain, shorter lead times, an ability to maintain control of all production aspects, and an ability to pivot priorities to meet the most time sensitive needs of the essential workers we outfit.

For example, in 2020, Tyndale’s USA-based supply chain and manufacturing capacity, allowed us to prioritize the making and delivery of AR / FR face masks to tens of thousands of American workers.

Tyndale takes a great deal of pride in protecting our customers with premium, reliable garments by following stringent quality assurance measures throughout the manufacturing and distribution process of our own Tyndale-made garments. There are no corners cut when manufacturing AR / FR clothing, because we know that by committing to making top quality AR / FR clothing, we’re keeping essential workers across the nation safe.

Additionally, we source quality supplies from reputable businesses with a track record for accountability. Tyndale purchases all fabrics from certified FR fabric sources. All Tyndale suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure fiber and fabric is sourced and tested to meet industry standards and Tyndale’s own rigid internal specifications.

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