Arc Week Season 1, Ep. 5: Arc Attack Files

Tyndale presents Arc Week: a unique, week-long educational look at the world of arc flash hazards through the lens of Shark Week. Join Scott Margolin – our dedicated technical expert by day and passionate shark enthusiast in his free time – for engaging, memorable parallels that bring important lessons about risk protection and PPE to life.
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Though Arc Week is meant to be interesting and unique, arc flash incidents are deadly serious and the real world implications of “swimming in dangerous waters” without the right PPE are severe. So far our series has focused on “arc bites” on manikins in the lab, but arcs happen to regular people in the real world far too often – with devastating consequences. In this episode, Scott Margolin walks us through two shark attacks and four REAL arc flash incidents to see the profound difference wearing – or not wearing – the right arc-rated and flame resistant (AR) clothing and PPE can make.

Please be aware: this video contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

The footage of the first two arc flash incidents speaks for itself. The workers’ flammable clothing ignited; they all faced catastrophic injuries, and one lost his life altogether. In sharp contrast, the workers in the third and fourth arcs were wearing AR clothing and escaped with only minor injuries – even, in the third video, when the trench focused the arc and it was able to fully engulf the worker.

  • In the third video, the company’s policy was to wear AR clothing – even when working de-energized and the task at hand would not normally pose an arc risk. Thank goodness!
  • In the fourth video, the workers were wearing the right AR clothing and other AR PPE prescribed by NFPA® 70E and are unharmed. In fact, they were able to walk away, flip up their face shields, and begin speaking to one another immediately following the arc.

The outcomes in the first two examples Scott shared simply do not need to happen:

  • Please do not work energized unless you absolutely have to, and when it’s necessary to remain energized, take it from arc flash survivor Brandon Schroeder: don’t wear fuel.
  • Brandon’s choice to work energized without the right PPE required four weeks in a burn unit, caused immeasurable physical pain as well as immense emotional pain to both Brandon and his family, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care, resulted in permanently-reduced function in his hand, and affected his ability to continue in his original line of work.

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Please heed these humbling reminders of why wearing the right PPE – and wearing it properly – matters. It’s your life, and it’s within your control to keep it. Don’t become an arc attack statistic.

Keep your workers out of the arc attack files:

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Thank you for joining us for Season 1 of Arc Week. Let the countdown to season 2 in August 2021 begin – mark your calendar and be sure to tune in as we take Arc Week to new heights.


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