What is the Tyndale 360° Experience?

When entering a new clothing program, your workers may have reservations about the new garments they will be required to wear. Will they like the selection? Are the garments high-quality? Will these new garments fit well, and what is the sizing like?

That is why Tyndale managed programs include a 360° experience as part of program implementation.  But what is this service, what is included, and how does it work? Once you finalize a clothing catalog with Tyndale, your locations can be scheduled for our Tyndale 360° Experience.

What is included in the 360° Experience?

Tyndale 360° focuses heavily on educating wearers in the field on the importance of:

  • The need to wear arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing on the job
  • How to wear AR / FR properly
  • Finding the correct fit
  • How to care for and maintain AR / FR with walkthroughs of laundering best practices
  • How to order online and access the Tyndale Mobile App
  • Requesting a repair, and knowing when to retire garments from service

How does the 360° Experience benefit workers?

  • Tyndale 360° allows employees the opportunity to try on and sample garments from their program to ensure fit and comfort
  • Workers may also ask questions about the garments, inquire about arc-ratings, and learn how best to wear each item
  • Workers can immediately use their allowance or allotment to place orders
  • Receive on-the-spot training on how to use the online ordering site, how to properly launder and maintain FR garments, and much more.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted the Tyndale 360° Experience?

Explore Tyndale’s interim recommendations and accommodations to maximize safety during COVID-19. We’re also resuming on-site visits on request, provided procedures to protect our staff and yours are agreed to in advance and shared with your workers. Reach out to your National Account Executive for more information.

Don’t have a Tyndale 360° Experience currently scheduled?

If you or your workers have questions about ordering, garment fit, repairs, or logging into your online account, call Tyndale’s U.S.-based Customer Service Team at 800-856-3433 from 8:00am – 7:00pm EST. You can also web-chat us by clicking in the right-hand corner of your portal under the QUESTIONS? tab.

Tyndale 360° was created to streamline our traditional “onsite fittings” and provide a complete service to assist end users with all aspects of the program, garments, and care/maintenance. Correct fit and comfort is paramount when choosing the correct AR / FR which can save their lives in the event of an arc flash or flash fire.

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