AR/FR Rainwear You Can Trust for Hurricane Season

This is the second post in a three-part series examining the importance of protecting workers with the right AR / FR rainwear during the 2020 hurricane season particularly as COVID-19 has impacted supply levels. Review the season projections in our first post, and look out for our next post to learn what to look for in AR / FR rainwear.

The NOAA has projected a 60% chance of an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season — creating increased demand for arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) rainwear that will keep essential workers safe during the anticipated major storm season. And, unfortunately, this increased demand is coming at a time when COVID-19 has impacted inventory levels. As a result, it’s critical to take action to identify and order AR / FR rainwear today – before the season gets further underway. Qualified service providers like Tyndale can assist by taking on the burden of collecting employee orders, enforcing spend, creating an OSHA audit trail at the employee level, and distributing protective rainwear so you can focus on keeping the country running during both COVID-19 outbreak and hurricane season.

What happens if I don’t have the right AR / FR rainwear?

The rainwear in this video is labeled as flame resistant based on ASTM D6413 – which is the appropriate standard for traditional textiles, but which is not appropriate for specialized fabrics like rainwear. Would you want to be wearing this rainwear in an arc flash?

There are standards that specifically focus on AR / FR rainwear – ASTM F1891 for electric arc protective rainwear and ASTM F2733 for rainwear intended to protect against flash fire. These rainwear-specific standards include both the D6413 vertical flame test AND either the arc rating test for arc flash rainwear, or the “manikin test” for flash fire rainwear.

How do I Identify the right AR / FR rainwear?

As you saw in the above video, wearing the correct type of rainwear can drastically change the outcome of exposure to an arc-flash or flash fire. The video is also a perfect example of why it’s so important to partner with a trusted service provider who offers quality products tested to the right industry standards. Tyndale can help!

In fact, Tyndale offers ONLY AR / FR rainwear that complies with hazard-specific ASTM standards. In addition, many also meet ANSI standards for hi-vis to keep your workers seen when performing tasks near moving vehicles and equipment – even in challenging lighting conditions and against complex environmental backgrounds.

Brands We Supply and Trust

Our dedication to protecting employees doesn’t stop at the Tyndale brand. To avoid injury if exposed to an arc-flash or flash fire, Tyndale supplies the most trusted rainwear brands in the industry:

National Safety Apparel’s HYDROlite: brand provides comfortable protection from arc flash and flash fire hazards in all foul weather conditions. In fact, HYDROlite FR™ rainwear is marketed as the most breathable on the market today. The Gore-TEX® fabric pores are 20,000x smaller than a water droplet, preventing water from entering, while 700x larger than a water vapor molecule—allowing perspiration to escape.


Rampart FR by NASCO: Designed for long-duration rain events but ideal for any foul weather condition, the revolutionary Rampart FR™ suit combines arc flash and flash fire protection into one comfortable, breathable, waterproof foul weather suit. Beyond protection from the hazards of the job, this dual hazard suit leverages exterior and interior moisture-management systems to keep workers dry and comfortable while avoiding heat and cold related illnesses. The line includes a Jacket with Roll-Away Hood and Fall Protection Access (R30FN), Plain Front Bib Overall (R31AN), and Elastic Waist Pant.


PRO ARC by Neilsen: Neilsen’s Rainwear Garments are engineered to be extremely durable and breathable while maintaining a 100% waterproof and windproof barrier protecting against all elements with unequalled designs and construction quality. Neilsen’s high visibility pro-arc bibs – pictured here – are ANSI 107 class E compliant and meet ATSM standards 1930 and F2733. The advanced FR bibs include FR velco fastening, 3M reflective tape, and adjustable braces. From high visibility pro-arc bibs, to breathable rainwear jackets, and jacket and trouser sets – Neilsen’s FR Arc-Rated, High Visibility and Image Rainwear is tested to the latest North American safety standards, and manufactured in state-of-the-art globally licensed facilities.


Tyndale’s Solution

Offering a flexible program solution  Tyndale’s best-in-class managed rainwear programs, rainwear purchases are managed and tracked just like they are with a managed clothing. Our flexible FR rainwear allowance and allotment programs deliver choice and convenience to employees while eliminating the burden of ordering, enforcing spend, tracking, and distributing FR rainwear.

We’ve also anticipated the challenges and proactively increased inventory levels to the greatest extent possible. However, global supply chains have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – limiting available inventory of AR / FR rainwear in the market. It is important to note that once inventory runs out, replenishing inventory will take time. In turn, if you wait to take action, it may be difficult or impossible purchase the rainwear that your workers need to stay safe during hurricane season.

Don’t delay – get started today!  Visit our AR / FR rainwear page to shop available protective garments, or contact a National Account Executive about launching a managed program for AR / FR rainwear today.


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