FR Leadership in Trying Times

Since COVID-19 spread into the US, hard working men and women in essential industries have worked around the clock to keep our country’s vital infrastructure up and running. Like these workers, Tyndale’s core values reside in keeping our communities safe. In response to COVID-19, we anticipated our customer’s need for masks and adjusted our manufacturing priorities to produce protective flame resistant (FR) surgical-style face masks. At Tyndale, we understand the urgency to execute during unprecedented times and have delivered close to a million FR masks to essential companies supporting the country’s energy infrastructure nationwide.

How Tyndale Pivoted to Supply FR Masks

Tyndale members collaborated to create eight mask prototypes, test the masks, and decide on a design that is both comfortable to wear and effective while on the job. Immediately after receiving the request to produce FR masks, Tyndale sourced 10,000 yards of fabric, and our manufacturing team pivoted our facilities in the USA from making FR garments to making FR surgical-style masks  ensuring essential workers receive the safety supplies necessary in a timely manner. Without a manufacturing and supply chain rooted in North America, turning this request around so quickly and efficiently would not have been possible.

Tyndale, with the help of our supply chain partners Lapco, TrueNorth, and Big Bill, was able to ship thousands of masks to customers across the United States. By prioritizing our distribution of FR masks, Tyndale has successfully reached our goal of delivering at least one mask to every impacted essential wearer and is the leading supplier of FR masks in the USA.

A Heartfelt Message of Gratitude

Tyndale’s CEO, Gail Whittenberger, and President, Robert Whittenberger, express gratitude to our essential workers and explain how Tyndale continued to ensure worker safety during COVID-19 by producing FR face masks for essential utility workers.

From all of us at Tyndale – we thank the essential workers who continue to help us all through this crisis. There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for all that you are doing during this difficult time.

Tyndale continues to manufacturer and sell FR surgical-style face masks through our retail website and managed apparel programs, and provide COVID-19 updates including blog posts on the care and maintenance of FR masks, wearing a FR mask during summer heat, and even instructions on how to create your own FR masks.

Tyndale is Proud to Protect.

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