What is the Impact of an Arc Flash?

For most people, going to work doesn’t involve being exposed to serious hazards. However, if you are a utility worker performing certain essential job functions, you are exposed to arc flash hazards on a regular basis. Companies are responsible for providing extensive safety training and workers are required to abide by established safety procedures. These efforts largely limit arc flash incidents, however, just because you don’t see them happen often, doesn’t mean they can’t happen.

Remember, AR / FR clothing is considered “the last line of defense” in the event of an arc flash, meaning FR clothing is there to protect you from injury when all other safety measures and precautions have been unsuccessful in preventing an incident.

To demonstrate the power of an arc flash, Tyndale held an Arc Flash event, subjecting over a dozen different garments to live arc flash simulations. Garments exposed to arc flashes include:

  • CAT 1 Base Layer Shirt
  • Non FR 100% Cotton Shirt
  • ASTM F1891 AR Rainwear
  • Untucked FR Shirt with Flammable base layer
  • And many more!

The videos on our Arc Flash Video Series page provide an up close and personal view of various tests, designed to demonstrate real-life occurrences. And, they include expert commentary from Tyndale’s VP of Technical, Scott Margolin.

These videos serve as an important reminder on why it’s critical to wear FR clothing and wear it properly. We encourage companies to utilize these videos as training tools and workers who may be exposed to these types of hazards to view them as a reminder to remain vigilant in safe work practices, particularly as they pertain to wearing FR clothing.

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