TyndaleFRC Express – The Basics

As we learned in Part 1 of our TyndaleFRC Express blog post, choosing a managed apparel program can be challenging. In Part 2, “The Basics of TyndaleFRC Express,” learn about why TyndaleFRC Express is the best solution to meet the arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing needs for your small to mid-sized company. By offering small to mid-size companies the option to set up their own self-service program that includes many of the same benefits larger companies have enjoyed as part of our managed program for years, Tyndale has paved the way, offering the fastest and most efficient road to FRC safety and compliance with TyndaleFRC Express.

To see how TyndaleFRC Express benefits compare with our retail service website and Tyndale’s fully managed program visit our service platforms page.

TyndaleFRC Express offers benefits for small to mid-sized companies that other providers don’t offer in their most comprehensive FR clothing programs:

Industry leading online platform and ordering experience:

We’ve applied our experience in providing a state-of-the-art online ordering website to create the TyndaleFRC Express interface. Like all Tyndale platforms, TyndaleFRC Express is efficient and user-friendly.

Fast lead times and guaranteed in-stock inventory:

Tyndale’s extensive FR inventory ensures that we perpetually stock sufficient quantities of core products. Offering clothing options from leading brands such as Carhartt Ariat FR, and Wrangler FR, TyndaleFRC Express ensures that employees are safe, comfortable, and compliant on the job.

Mitigate risk with our FR warranty:

TyndaleFRC Express is backed by our warranty, just like all of our platforms.  Tyndale guarantees all flame resistant clothing we sell to maintain its flame resistance throughout the useful life of the garment so long as employees are following home laundering instructions and bleach is not used.

No hassle returns and exchanges: 

TyndaleFRC Express allows users to easily return or exchange garments that are unwashed, unworn, or unembellished. TyndaleFRC Express users will find that returning or exchanging an item is simple and free – we offer prepaid return shipping and do not charge restocking fees!

Access to technical and thought leadership on our blog:

Our blog provides TyndaleFRC Express users with information on industry standards, regulatory changes that have potential to impact the workforce, product developments, new technologies, industry news, and safety topics so that TyndaleFRC Express users can make informed decisions about which items they’d like included in their catalog.

Outstanding, integrated customer service:  

At Tyndale, we pride ourselves on providing great customer service, and TyndaleFRC Express support is no exception. Our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions users might have, Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm EST.

When you choose Tyndale, you’re partnering with a company who truly cares about both the workers we protect and our own workforce, one who is dedicated to quality, collaboration, and integrity. You’ll find this echoed in our core values, and in each dealing with us. We work tirelessly to continually raise the bar on our products and services.

Learn more about TyndaleFRC Express here, and look out for our third and final post in the TyndaleFRC Express series which will cover TyndaleFRC Express advanced features, such as reporting capabilities, tracking and spend enforcement , garment customization, and more.

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