Uniform Rental Scare Tactics – Part 2

As we learned in Part 1 of our Uniform Rental Scare Tactics blog post, the sales pitch by some uniform rental companies can be confusing or misleading. In Part 2, we expand on some common misleading statements made by these companies, all of which focus on “risks associated with home laundering.”

Watch VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, and Regional Sales Director, Chad Barker, continue explaining the misleading scare tactics used by uniform rental providers.

A common uniform rental sales tactic is suggesting that the “best” way to launder your AR / FR garments is with special handling at an offsite industrial laundry facility. Rental companies may go as far as suggesting that there are major “risks” associated with laundering at home. For example, the flame resistance could be “washed away” with home laundering, or the FR could be mishandled, compromising the flame resistance by accident, by non-FR clothing being mixed in with the FR.

The truth is, the significant majority of all FRC (worldwide) is home laundered. There have been many major advances in flame resistant fiber and fabric technology since rental companies started making those statements over 30 years ago. Every FR garment that Tyndale sells is guaranteed for the life of the garment. We have been offering this guarantee for many years and will continue to do so into the future. AR / FR garments sold by Tyndale DO NOT need special handling or specialized facilities – standard home laundering is great. And remember, you won’t “wash away” your garment’s FR qualities.

Another scare tactic often used is the suggestion that home laundering may be risky because the wearer may compromise the FR qualities of a garment by accidentally adding bleach, fabric softener, or combine FR and non-FR garments in the same load. While Tyndale’s laundering instructions recommend against using bleach, research demonstrates FR properties with residual bleach pose no risk. Furthermore, research published by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) a few years ago showed that 50 washes with bleach had no effect on the garments’ flame resistant properties… so of course an accidental bleaching or two will not either. The same was true for fabric softener, research showed it had no effect on the garment’s FR properties. Science aside, what about logic?  There is virtually no white FR fabric made, and people don’t use chlorine bleach in color loads!

As for mixed loads, there is no evidence that flammable lint from non-FR clothing can become a “flammable contaminant” on your FRC sufficient to cause injury. The volume is too low, and the surface area is too high, any tiny fibers simply vaporize in the arc or flash fire, with nothing left to continue to burn afterwards.

We think it is important to explain these misconceptions so you have the facts when choosing an AR / FR clothing provider. If you are in a uniform rental with industrial laundry program and looking for an alternative when your contract is up, reach out to Tyndale’s National Account Executive in your area. They are available to answer questions and explain the facts about uniform rental with industrial laundry vs. a managed program with home laundry. Check back soon for new topics in our ongoing series Uniform Rental with Industrial Laundry vs. Home Laundering.

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