Uniform Rental Scare Tactics – Part 1

The stark difference between the ‘sales pitch’ and the reality of rental programs is an often cited reason for leaving rental programs. Scare tactics are used to suggest that home laundering is “unsafe” and/or OSHA requires or strongly prefers industrial laundry. This is simply untrue and very misleading.

Watch VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, and Regional Sales Director, Chad Barker explain the misleading scare tactics used by Uniform Rental providers.

Uniform rental providers use aggressive sales tactics to create a narrative where it’s often implied that a uniform rental with industrial laundry program is the only option available if you want to be in compliance. These tactics cause companies to make decisions without the facts – decisions they may quickly come to regret. Below we counter a misleading sales pitch commonly used by rental providers.

Misleading Sales Pitch: OSHA requires (or strongly prefers) industrial laundering and uniform rental over home laundering.

The fact is, OSHA has no preference between uniform rental with industrial laundry and a home laundering program. Furthermore, OSHA specifically states this fact multiple places within their guidelines document. In a quote taken directly from OSHA’s preamble, “The responsibility for maintaining PPE rests squarely with the employer.” OSHA continues, “This remains true even when renting uniforms and having them laundered by a service provider.”

OSHA clearly states that the employer is 100% responsible for ensuring the suitable condition of their workers’ PPE, whether they take advantage of a managed program with home laundry, or choose a costly uniform rental with industrial laundry program. OSHA also states that, “The final rule does not require employers to launder protective clothing for employees.”

Uniform rental providers often sell on fear. Fear that you will not be OSHA compliant unless you choose their program, fear that your employees won’t take care of their garments in a home laundering program, and fear that by choosing any program other than theirs, you are making the wrong decision for your employees. It’s a good idea to have all the facts before making big decisions, especially when those decisions can lock you into a long term contract. There may well be other options which can reduce complaints, increase wearer satisfaction, and save the company money.

If you are in a uniform rental with industrial laundry program and looking for an alternative when your contract is up, reach out to Tyndale’s National Account Executive in your area. They are available to answer questions and explain the facts about uniform rental with industrial laundry vs a managed program with home laundry. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised to hear why a managed home laundry program is superior – much happier wearers, more cost effective, and often safer – than a uniform rental program.

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