Protect your Bottom Line: Shortages with Uniform Rental

Shortages – when an employee doesn’t get back the garments they turned in the previous week for cleaning – are one of the most common complaints in a uniform rental program. In fact, any uniform rental account with 10+ wearers likely experiences shortages at least once a week. But what exactly are shortages and what impact do they have on the bottom line of your program?

Find out from Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, and Chad Barker, Tyndale’s Regional Sales Director with extensive experience in uniform rental:

As Chad explains, ironically, shortages are typically caused by the rental provider – due to any number of handling errors on the route truck or in the laundry facility. But unfortunately, it’s the customer – and the wearer – who pay the price:

  • The wearer – who now may not have enough clean arc-rated or flame resistant (AR/FR) clothing to keep them safe through the week, and
  • The company – who now must invest time and energy into troubleshooting the missing garments with the provider, and who is paying both for a service not rendered and to replace the missing garment so the employee has enough clean AR/FR to wear for safety and compliance.

Shortages are not only costly in the short term, but can have lasting costly, negative effects on the program and company through time. Significantly, frustrations around shortages often lead wearers to stop using the service, opting instead to launder their clothing at home so they can maintain control and ownership of the process. In fact, internal audits by rental program customers have shown that as many as 50% or more of employees in the rental program do not utilize the industrial laundry service. This results in a tremendous amount of wasted costs.

Considering a uniform rental program for your company’s AR/FR clothing needs? Beware: shortages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to charges and challenges inherent in uniform rental programs – which are intentionally difficult to exit once you’ve signed on.  Be sure to dig into the details and follow along with our series at before you take the plunge.

Already in a uniform rental program, and feeling the frustration of shortages? Wondering why your monthly costs are so much higher than anticipated? Follow along at to understand more about the charges and costly challenges inherent in the rental service model, and light the path to your next-generation solution for AR/FR clothing – now leveraged by 90%+ of investor-owned electric utilities, 50+ Fortune 500 companies, and countless mid-sized companies, with 99%+ customer retention.

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