FRC Safety During COVID-19: Avoiding Fogged Lenses While Wearing a Facemask

It’s no secret that due to COVID-19 our “new normal” requires everyone, especially essential workers, to wear face masks in public and on the job. When on the job, while wearing a face mask and safety glasses or a face shield, your breath may fog the surface of your safety glasses or face shield, impairing visibility. The face mask can direct humidity from your breath upwards. Fogged safety glasses and face shields are not just an inconvenience, they can be a significant safety issue. Obscured vision in an energized work zone can be a potential safety hazard.

To avoid your safety glasses or face shield from fogging, Tyndale has outlined a few ways to fix the problem. By doing this, you can ensure you are not putting yourself or others in danger due to obscured or blurred vision. Here are a few tips:

Watch VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, explain how you can keep your safety glasses and face shields from fogging up while wearing a face mask.

Watch the video by clicking on the preview to the left.

Pre-made anti-fog spray or wipes:

The easiest solution, available online for purchase – are pre-made anti-fog solutions or wipes that come pre-packaged for use on eyeglasses, snorkeling masks, protective glasses, face shields, and other surface types. These sprays or wipes are specifically designed to prevent condensation on lenses.

DIY anti-fog solution:

While there are many DIY anti-fog solutions available, our favorite solution is made from baby shampoo and water. Similar to the above method, soap and water creates a thin film that temporarily prevents the surface tension which allows lenses to fog up. For best results, apply a mixture of 25% baby shampoo and 75% water to the lenses using a spray bottle. Baby shampoo is best to avoid eye irritation. To apply the DIY solution to the lenses, spray or wipe the soapy water on dry lenses and gently pat or rub dry using soft fabric.

As a last resource, if you do not have access to a pre-made or DIY anti-fog solution, human saliva works relatively well to keep your safety glasses or protective face shields from fogging up. Simply put the saliva on the surface, rub in it, and wipe the surface dry.

Please do not let the fear of fogged safety glasses or face shields keep you from wearing the necessary PPE at all times when required. Properly taking care of your protective lenses and prepping for the possibility of the fogged lenses will avoid potential injury on the job.

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