FRC Safety During COVID-19: Tyndale 360 Events

At Tyndale, we understand that change – even change for the better – can be hard. When entering a new clothing program, workers understandably have questions about the program and the new garments they will be required to wear. That is why Tyndale managed programs include a Tyndale 360° experience as part of program implementation. But what are the options for Tyndale 360° events during COVID-19, how can we keep everyone safe?

Tyndale 360° Events: Choose Your Own Experience

The virtual format for Tyndale 360° events offers all of the same benefits as the in-person experience. Our comprehensive tools make it easy to effectively outfit workers without any human-to-human contact:

  • We’ve created a series of videos making our onsite Tyndale 360° services – with program introduction, AR/FR safety information, and garment evaluation – available virtually.
  • Easy web-based tools for finding the right garment size:
    • Within the “Customer Resources” tab in users’ online accounts are size charts and videos on how to measure and how to find the right fit.
    • Within the item detail pages in the online catalog, product-specific videos and ratings/reviews aid in ordering the right size.

Now that parts of the country have moved toward reopening, we’re offering the option of in-person Tyndale 360° events – with robust protocols to protect the health and wellness of all participants – or virtual 360° events. You choose! Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, explains the options:

Watch the video by clicking on the preview to the left.

Avoid Sharing PPE During COVID-19

Because COVID-19 can live for several hours on porous surfaces like clothing and up to several days on non-porous surfaces – like face shields, voltage-rated rubber gloves, and hard hats – it’s important to avoid sharing PPE in the field during the pandemic unless there is an absolute necessity.

Similarly, we recommend limiting garment sharing at Tyndale 360° events to the extent possible. At your company’s discretion, with either the virtual or in-person Tyndale 360° experience, Tyndale offers the option of a “program kit” containing a:

  • Sample of each item in your company’s catalog for users to explore, plus
  • Standard woven shirt in sizes XS-5X to use as appropriate for aiding in size selection

Alternately, your workers may use the web-based tools outlined above to identify the right size and/or order his/her expected size based on normal retail sizing – leveraging our hassle-free return policy to return/exchange any items that don’t fit to his/her liking.

With these flexible options, we’re pleased to deliver a world-class Tyndale 360° experience that safeguards participants from your organization and ours. If you have any questions or want to get started, reach out to your National Account Executive.

Thank you for the important work you are doing to keep our country going during this challenging time. Have another question about FRC Safety during COVID-19? Follow along with our resource page and use the form on our page to reach out with any questions we haven’t yet answered. Have a safe day!

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