FRC Safety During COVID-19: Tyndale 360 Events and Fitting Services

Because COVID-19 can live for several hours on porous surfaces like clothing and up to several days on non-porous surfaces – like face shields, voltage-rated rubber gloves, and hard hats – it’s important to avoid sharing PPE during this time unless there is an absolute necessity.

So what should you do about fitting services during the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly for new hires? Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, weighs in:

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To keep you and our own employee members safe, Tyndale has temporarily suspended our onsite Tyndale 360° events. Alternately, we offer onsite “fit kits” – containing a representative sampling of program garments, although we recommend against using these during the COVID-19 pandemic to the extent possible. So what can you do instead? To effectively fit your workforce without any human to human contact, you and your workers have open access to comprehensive tools:

  • Take advantage of our invaluable web-based sizing resources. Within the “customer resources” menu in your online account, you will find size charts, a video on how to measure for size, and a video on how to find the right fit. Similarly, product-specific videos and product-specific ratings and reviews are available on the item detail page within the online catalog to aid in ordering the right size.
  • Order your expected size based on normal retail sizing.
  • We’ve created a series of videos making our onsite “Tyndale 360°” services available virtually. Please reach out to your National Account Executive to receive access.
  • In any case, you can leverage our hassle-free return policy to return/exchange any items that don’t fit to your liking. Tyndale accepts returns of unwashed, unworn, unembroidered items within 60 days. Logo’d items are not returnable unless specifically allowed by your company’s return agreement with Tyndale.

If, for some reason, your organization determines there is no way to avoid using a fit kit to hold an onsite fitting during this time, consider these best practices for keeping fittings as safe as possible:

  • Do not allow visibly sick people, or anyone coughing or sneezing to participate.
  • Check temperatures of all participants at the door if possible.
  • Require all participants to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds immediately before and after the fitting.
  • If possible, do not allow more than a few people in the fitting at once to allow for maximum personal space. Consider an outdoor location – such as an open-air tent in a parking lot.
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times – a minimum of 6 feet between people.
  • Remind all participants to not touch their face at any time during the fitting. In line with evolving guidance from the CDC and your local government, face masks are strongly recommended. Keep in mind that knit shirts may pose an additional risk in that they are donned and doffed over the face.
  • Avoid bringing items like phone, tablet, pen, or other personal items to the fitting, and require all participants to sanitize any of these personal belongings before and after the fitting.
  • Current research indicates the virus is rendered inactive on porous surfaces like clothing in about 24 hours. Consider holding your fitting on a one-by-one, “by appointment” basis, or separating your fitting into multiple sessions over multiple days, “quarantining” clothing for 24+ hours between sessions.

Thank you for the important work you are doing. Have a question about FRC Safety during COVID-19? Follow along with our resource page and use the form on our page to reach out with any questions we haven’t yet answered. Have a safe day!

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