FRC Safety During COVID-19: Protecting Your Safety in our Warehouse

As utility workers and others in vital industries are working harder than ever to keep our country going through the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Tyndale stand more dedicated than ever to ensuring you have the products you need to stay safe on the job.

Because of the critical nature of your contributions to society – and our commitment to keeping you safe and informed, Tyndale employee members (“members”) are allowed to travel to and from Tyndale, as required by job function, to maintain the supply of the products that protect you from arc flash and flash fire hazards.

What are we doing in our warehouse and shipping departments to help keep both you and our members safe? Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, explains:

Watch the video by clicking on the preview to the left.

Our own members are at the heart of what we do, and we’ve taken significant steps – in line with guidance from the CDC, WHO, and local, state, and national governments – to protect them. We’re staying safe to help you stay safe. Here’s how:

  • We moved to three 6-hour shifts in our distribution centers, allowing our members staffing those facilities to work in smaller groups and with maximum social distancing.
  • We have scheduled 30 minutes of separation between distribution shifts to eliminate shift overlap – minimizing the number of members who contact one another, and allowing for added cleaning procedures.
  • In line with evolving guidance from the CDC and state governments, our distribution members are wearing gloves and many are also wearing masks as they work to fill orders – protecting both one another and you from any undetected symptoms.
  • Baskets used to move orders through our distribution facilities are being rotated and quarantined for three days between uses.
  • Every user, before and after use, is wiping and disinfecting warehouse equipment. Similarly, door knobs, light switches, restrooms, and break rooms are thoroughly cleaned throughout the day – and disinfectant sprays available for on-demand use.
  • Our distribution centers receive only contactless deliveries. This means our staff no longer touches delivery trucks or truck equipment, and Tyndale has made alternate arrangements to eliminate the need for a physical signature on delivery paperwork. All steps of delivering product to Tyndale are handled by the delivery driver only – while our staff remains 6 or more feet away.
  • Fortunately, as of this posting, no Tyndale member has tested positive for COVID-19. Rest assured that we have a “Coronavirus Action Plan” in place in the event a Tyndale member or any other business visitor with whom our members have come into contact within the last 14 days tests positive for COVID-19.

Further, once your order is shipped to you, your clothing spends time out of human hands within the shipping container (box/bag) while in transit – an added safeguard. Since the outside shipping container is handled by shipping service workers in transit, leverage one of the simple approaches in our video and blog post to safely handle the package containing your shipment.

And, be sure to follow along with our other FRC Safety and COVID-19 resources to stay safe as you work during the pandemic:


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