FRC Safety During COVID-19: FR Mask Care and Use

In response to COVID-19 and in an effort to help keep our customers safe, Tyndale has diverted a significant portion of our American manufacturing capacity to making FR surgical-style masks. In addition, we are sourcing masks from our key FR suppliers. The masks are made with flame resistant and arc rated (9.1 / CAT 2) fabric. They are designed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) by eliminating the wearer’s ability to touch his/her nose and mouth, and by reducing droplets and particles inhaled by the wearer, without posing a flammability hazard.

These new Tyndale masks are single ply – opposed to double or triple – to maximize breathability and comfort. It is proven that a second layer of fabric can significantly negatively impact a wearer’s breathability. When wearing these masks on the job site wearers are able to perform their job duties as usual with no disruption from the mask.

The CDC has issued guidelines for putting on and removing masks; please follow this procedure to ensure the best protection possible from COVID-19.

Watch our VP of Technical, Scott Margolin explain the benefits of wearing the new FR surgical-style mask and how to properly wear and care for the mask.

Watch the video by clicking on the preview to the left.

How to wash your flame resistant mask

The new Tyndale AR/FR surgical-style mask is reusable; it should be laundered before first use. It is very important to disinfect and clean your mask between each wear: to disinfect, wash the mask in a standard home laundry process with detergent and water, or hand wash with dish soap or detergent and water, and then dry thoroughly. This will both disinfect and clean the mask. Use of chemical sanitizers such as bleach or alcohol is not necessary, and residue could present a respiratory hazard – standard washing is sufficient to disinfect.  

How facial hair impacts a masks effectiveness

Depending on the location of facial hair and the mask type, facial hair can have a negative impact on the masks effectiveness. It dramatically reduces the effectiveness of N95 and other masks which form a seal, and it may reduce the effectiveness of a non-sealed surgical style mask.  Proper fit does matter, and having facial hair can get in the way of the ideal snug fit.

Bottom line: Properly worn surgical-style masks reduce the spread of COVID 19. To ensure you are properly handling and wearing your AR / FR mask, always: wash your hands before touching the mask, don and doff the mask according to the guidelines above, and always wash the mask with detergent and water between each use.

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