FRC Safety and COVID-19: Our Appreciation to America’s Workers

On behalf of Tyndale and its employee members, Tyndale’s President Robert Whittenberger would like to personally thank the thousands of utility workers and others in vital industries who have demonstrated unwavering dedication in maintaining our country’s critical energy infrastructure as we face this unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 – both as a country, and indeed worldwide. Please accept our heartfelt thanks:

Please watch as Tyndale’s President, Robert Whittenberger, extends our heartfelt thanks on behalf of Tyndale and our employee members.

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Since the start of the lockdowns necessary to protect the people of our country, already hard-working utility crews and employees have worked even harder, around the clock, to keep electric power and gas lines up-and-running, ensuring that we have the electricity to keep the lights on, our technology infrastructure fully operational, our homes and vital businesses safe and warm, and the products we need flowing to American homes and essential workplaces.

Electric and gas utility workers across the country – and in countries around the world – from line maintainers, foresters, technicians, helicopter crews, call center agents, grid control operators, and support staff, and beyond – have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to their customers. So have countless others in vital manufacturing and distribution industries. You have stepped up to the challenge, without question – regardless of the weather, time of day, or the time of year. That is true customer service, and a shining example for us all.

Though, through the years, we have been amazed time after time by the selfless dedication of our customers like you, we have never been more in awe of the men and women working to keep our country going through this unprecedented time and we are humbled to be your provider of choice for arc-rated and flame resistant clothing and PPE. Tyndale was founded to be a reliable supplier of safety products for the workers powering our country’s energy infrastructure, and today we stand more dedicated than ever to the workers – like YOU – we serve. 

Rest assured: because of the critical nature of your contributions to society, Tyndale is classified as a Life-Sustaining business. This means that our employee members at Tyndale locations throughout the country are allowed to travel to and from Tyndale, as required by job function, to maintain the supply of the products you trust to protect you.

We have taken significant steps – in line with guidance from the CDC and WHO – to protect our own employee members, and together we are here for you:

  • Leverage our COVID-19 resources page, designed to take the guesswork out of how to stay safe from both the novel virus AND the arc flash and flash fire hazards you face. This page is updated regularly with videos, printable flyers, and blog content about key COVID-19 safety topics and Tyndale status updates.
  • Customer service remains available at 800-356-3433 and via web chat from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday
  • Order anytime at

A sincere thank you for a job well done. We are Proud to Protect you.

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