FRC Safety During COVID-19: Disinfecting Leather Gloves

During the COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) pandemic we have been told to wash our hands frequently to stop the spread of this deadly virus. But, how should you disinfect the leather gloves that you use on the job?

Turns out soap and water, which is the standard procedure for washing leather gloves, is the most effective way to disinfect COVID-19.

Watch Tyndale’s Vice President of Technical explain the correct way to disinfect your leather gloves to stay safe and protected during COVID-19.

Watch our VP of Technical, Scott Margolin share an important safety alert on how to disinfect leather gloves.

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Hand washing your leather gloves with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and then air drying, is the appropriate disinfection method. It is important to abide by the manufacturers washing instructions and remember absolutely DO NOT put your leather work gloves into the washer or dryer. All leather work gloves should be hand washed and air dried.

You might be doubting that soap and water is sufficient when disinfecting gloves that have been worn for long periods of time and touched potentially infected surfaces. The truth is soap is one of the most effective defenses against COVID-19 and other viruses such as the flu. In an article published by the NY Times titled, ‘Why Soap Works’, we learn that a drop of ordinary soap diluted in water is sufficient to rupture and kill many types of bacteria and viruses, including the new coronavirus that is currently circling the globe.

As stated above, soap and water is the MOST effective way for killing germs and disinfecting leather gloves. Chemical sanitizers such as, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and bleaches are NOT necessary to disinfect and can damage to your leather gloves. These disinfectants could actually compromise the mechanical properties of the gloves that keep you safe.

As the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pandemic has posed increasing challenges to all areas of life, Tyndale is here to help take the guesswork out of properly disinfecting your FRC. We want you to stay safe from both the virus AND the arc flash and flash fire hazards you face while working to maintain our country’s vital energy infrastructure. Follow along with all of our COVID-19 resources for important guidance on protecting yourself from arc flash and flash fire during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check back often, as new information is continually being added. Have a question we haven’t answered yet? Contact us at, or schedule a complimentary technical consultation with recognized subject matter expert Scott Margolin.

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