How Well Does an Arc Rated Garment Perform After 100 Washes?

We are frequently asked about the durability of flame resistance of arc rated garments. Do my arc rated garments lose their protective ability as I wash them after each use?  All FR and AR garments sold by Tyndale are guaranteed flame resistant for the service life of the garment.  To demonstrate this, we recap an arc flash test on a garment which has been washed 100 times, equating to multiple years of use. In real time we’re able to witness the effects of multiple washes on an arc rated garment and confirm if it still retains its protective qualities after 100 washes.

For this test we feature a 9 oz. coverall with a 12.4 cal rating which has been washed 100 times. The voltage was set to 480v, with an amperage (the strength of an electric current) of 16.9 kA and a cycle time of 6. At 12” away from the arc flash, this test had a total incident energy of 10.3 cal/cm2, which is a substantial arc flash.

When the flash happens, you can see the garment performs as designed with the same performance as a garment that is brand new. As the arc fades you will notice there is no after flame, or any significant damage to the garment including, no breaks, no holes, or shrinkage. Additionally, notice that the garment has the same performance strength as a new garment even after being washed 100 times.

This test shows that quality flame resistant garments are created with longevity in mind. If you take care of your garments, using correct maintenance and care guidelines you will be able to use your FRC over and over again. If an arc flash occurs you can feel confident that your washed FRC has been thoroughly tested and performs as intended to keep you safe.

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