Tyndale’s Laundry Options

What Laundry Option Works Best for Your Company?

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their work clothing, and the single largest driver of comfort is choice.  When people select their own garments they are more likely to wear them, and follow proper use and care instructions.  Tyndale’s managed allowance programs allow wearers to shop from a variety of brand name clothing from the largest suppliers in the industry – Ariat, Carhartt, Wrangler, and more – with clothing that meets and exceeds industry standards and looks and feels great.

OSHA has repeatedly indicated that employers are not required to launder clothing for employees, and ASTM verifies that both home laundering and industrial laundering are both acceptable for washing flame resistant and arc-rated clothing. With that, it’s important that employers pick the solution that makes the most sense for their employees.

We recognize that every company is different and choosing an industrial launderer or a home laundering program can be confusing. The good news is that Tyndale offers flexibility – the choice of home laundry or a fully managed industrial laundry program. Tyndale works closely with regional and national industrial laundry partners to wash your clothing locally. We also provide washing tips and instructions for properly caring for your flame resistant clothing garments at home.

Below, we’ve outlined the differences in an industrial laundry or home laundry solution:

The basics of how industrial laundry works:  Employees are set-up with an initial allotment of garments (shirts, pants, coveralls, etc.). The laundry service provider delivers fresh garments and picks-up dirty clothes from the customer, usually weekly. Garments that need to be cleaned are taken off-site to the laundry facility where they are sorted, inspected and cleaned. Clean clothing is sorted and delivered back to the customer. Tyndale handles the complete process – relieving stress for employers.

The basics of how a Tyndale Managed Program works: Employees are set up in a dollar based allowance program or a predetermined allotment of clothing items, Tyndale offers a user-friendly experience driven by choice, quality, and unmatched customer service.  Employees choose clothing options from a custom catalog of items, and place their orders online for quick and easy ordering. Tyndale deals directly with employees for ordering, delivery, customer service, and returns and exchanges – washing the clothing is all the employee has to worry about. We offer guidance to employees on best practices for laundering FR garments – watch our video for the details!

Learn more about our laundry options at https://tyndaleusa.com/managed-fr-clothing-uniform-program/

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