How Well Does Tyndale’s Versa Line Perform During An Arc Flash?

Tyndale recently debuted our new clothing line, The Versa Collection. This line of Tyndale-made FRC focuses on comfort and style while delivering the safety and performance you expect to keep you safe on the job. Curious to know how this contemporary line of FR clothing fared during a real-word arc flash test? Here are these results.

For this test we used our Versa Insulated FR/AR Bomber Jacket (K64MT), Versa FR/AR Henley Shirt (J06MT), and Versa Regular Fit FR/AR Jeans (J24MT). The voltage was set to 480v, with an amperage of 17.3 kA and a cycle time of 14. At 12” away from the arc flash, this test had a total incident energy of 24.8 CAL/cm2.

Needless to say, we exposed our Versa garments to a fairly large arc – almost 25 calories! Our CAT4 bomber jacket was designed to handle an arc as high as 40 Cal. After the smoke clears you can clearly see that the Versa garments passed the test with flying colors, as expected.

This test illustrates the importance of wearing a quality arc-rated garment as your outermost layer. Please don’t make the mistake of wearing flammable non-FR garments on top of your FRC daily wear.

We hope that this test inspires you to check out our new Versa Collection. Our Versa line is flame resistant, not fashion resistant – offering you a broad selection of modern FR pants, shirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear that will keep you looking great anytime, anywhere.

If you’d like more info about Tyndale Versa collection please visit our Versa page to see our complete line of Versa garments, complete with collection details, product features, and AR/FR garment ratings with links to purchase.

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