Customer Spotlight: NorthWestern Energy

“Before choosing Tyndale, we had a local vendor that we worked with and inventory became an issue.” – Barry O’Leary, Director of Safety at Northwestern Energy.

Northwestern Energy previously was supplied through a hybrid clothing program, where they would rely on local Flame Resistant clothing (FRC) vendors to dress larger groups of employees and online clothing suppliers for their smaller locations. Without a uniform direct purchase program, Northwestern was dealing with multiple vendors that had limited and different inventory offerings which led to supply issues for their employees across multiple areas, especially during the changes in seasons.

Enter Tyndale:

As an industry-leading provider of Flame Resistant ARC Rated Clothing to key industries for more than 30 years, Tyndale is able to supply the best quality, inventory, and services at a price that keeps everyone happy. “Tyndale has been able to provide the complete information, the quality, the FR characteristics of the product – and the price; allowing us to make the decision whether we add that product or decide not to add it based on those factors,” O’Leary said.

Tyndale helps support Northwestern as a single source solution. “We set up a team approach; we involved the procurement department, the operations leadership team, and worked directly with Tyndale to establish budgets for each employee, to establish clothing selections for each group of employees, and identify protection levels in each group of clothing,” O’Leary stated.

Being a manufacturer and distributor, Tyndale set itself apart as a one-stop-shop. With their old hybrid approach, O’Leary had to work with and manage multiple vendors that supplied different clothing options. Tyndale, however, now works closely with Northwestern’s management team to create customizable catalogs with different product selections tailored to the unique protection, budgetary, and image requirements of each employee subgroup. Catalogs include access to Tyndale products, as well as products from other major AR/FR suppliers such as Ariat, Bulwark, Carhartt, DRIFIRE, and Wrangler. “Tyndale has been instrumental in setting up catalogs for the different classifications of employees,” he said.


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