What Does Arc Flash Testing Look Like? An Introduction to Tyndale’s Newest Video Series

We believe seeing is believing. That’s why we continually invest in real world demonstrations to visualize why wearing arc-rated flame resistant clothing – and wearing it properly – matters.

As part of this commitment, we are pleased to share our latest Arc Flash Video Series. These test videos display the performance of various garments under extreme conditions. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling videos featuring both FR and Non-FR work wear being exposed to an arc flash. These videos are powerful real-world proof that properly rated FRC works.

These tests were conducted in October 2019 at an independent testing laboratory using six separate cameras to capture each test from multiple angles, all in high definition. These videos demonstrate the extreme power of an arc flash and give you an understanding on why proper FRC is imperative when working in an energized environment.

Each video features a different garment tested in a specific scenario clearly displaying: the incident energy of the test (cal/cm2), voltage, amperage, distance (in inches) from explosion, and cycle time for each arc flash. Tyndale’s VP of Technical, Scott Margolin narrates the experience and identifies key elements for each video.

During our time at the lab, we performed dozens of arc flash tests that we are excited to share with you! Some tests include FR vs Non-FR during an arc flash, the significant differences in rainwear standards, arc flash intensity vs garment CAT/calorie ratings, the impact of wearing Non-FR base layers and outerwear, FR performance degradation when products are not properly worn, and many more.

The results are astonishing! This video series allows you to witness in real time the devastating power of an arc flash and how properly rated FRC can save your life.

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