Bundling Up? Buckle Down on Safety

For much of the country, winter ushers in additional hazards to manage – challenges like cold temperatures, shorter periods of sunlight, and freezing precipitation. To stay safe in weather like snow and ice, we must adapt our safety behaviors – taking steps like leaving extra time to clear off our windshields in the mornings, and adjusting how we drive. Don’t let managing these challenges distract you from staying vigilant about your PPE, too.

What if it’s cold in the morning, and you throw on the fleece hat or gloves you wear on the weekends, or a heavy non-FR coat, to stay warm on your way to the jobsite? When working alongside arc flash and/or flash fire hazards, forgetting to take off these flammable extra layers can have disastrous results. Scott Margolin explains:

How can you stay warm without putting yourself at risk? By wearing only arc-rated flame resistant (FR) outer layers. Login at TyndaleUSA.com to shop your company’s catalog for FR hoodies, FR coats, layering pieces like base layers, and accessories like hats, gloves, and even socks.

Don’t have a managed program? Find all the FR winter gear you need at TyndaleFRC.com.

It’s also a best practice – in any season – to take stock of the clothing and PPE you’re wearing before starting a task, making sure you’re not wearing any flammable outer layers or non-FR accessories and ensuring you’re wearing the right PPE matched to the hazard.

In the event of an arc flash or flash fire, these simple steps can make all the difference.

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