The Truth About FR Headwear

With the winter months upon us, proper outwear is key to staying both warm and safe on the job. FR pants, shirts, and outerwear are a must, but do you know if you should be wearing FR headwear? Let us help explain that answer.

As the mornings gets colder, it becomes tempting to wear something that is not FR rated. This is dangerous in that any non-FR hats, beanies, balaclavas, or hoodies can cause serious facial injury if ignited. Non-FR headwear is typically both flammable and meltable, being a serious safety hazard to the head, face, eyes, ears, and mouth.

Let Tyndale’s Vice President of Technical, Scott Margolin, provide clarity on FR headwear.

In addition to your personal preservation and safety awareness, always remember to check with your company’s PPE policy. Your company will review and outline which garments are acceptable and safe to wear during the workday. If you company has no guidelines for headwear, always remember you should be absolutely certain that your headwear is not flammable or meltable.

If you do not have any FR headwear, Tyndale has a few options that we would like to recommend. Try out the Tyndale Thermal FR Fleece Hat (M93CT) which features single-layer fleece construction, can fit under a hardhat, and uses technology to retain body heat. This hat is arc rated 20 / CAT 2. We also carry the Tyndale Microfleece Headband (M989T). Arc Rated to 21.8 / CAT 2, this inherently flame resistant headband wicks away sweat to keep you warm and dry.

During the winter months, extra layers are key to staying comfortable and safe on the job. Make sure you are prepared with the correct FR gear when needs arise.

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