NSA Adds Women’s Clothing Brand, HauteWork®, To Its House of Brands

USA manufacturing, family-owned values, and commitment to innovation is what drew Jaime Glas, CEO and founder of the upscale women’s brand of Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC), HauteWork®, to National Safety Apparel® (NSA) as a partner.

“It was an immediate fit,” said Glas of her first meeting with NSA in early 2019. And, the feeling was mutual. Jennifer Jones, NSA’s Director of Strategic Accounts, recognizes the unique value HauteWork brings to the market, saying,

“There are brands that make women’s garments, but HauteWork is the only brand in the industry strictly for women.”

Prior to partnering with NSA, HauteWork got started when Glas, a Petroleum Engineer, spent a summer interning for energy corporation, Chevron. When she put on her first pair of FR coveralls, which were ill-fitting – potentially dangerous – and unflattering she thought, “We can do better than this.” From then on, she made it her mission to design safe, comfortable, and stylish FRC that is flattering for all women.

Glas launched HauteWork in June 2017 and began selling her upscale women’s brand of FRC to individuals. The collection offers dual hazard, moisture wicking coveralls, shirts, pants, and high-waisted joggers, answering the call of many women in the industry who have been stuck with baggy, industrial-style FR clothing options that could compromise safety and negatively impact job performance.

In any profession, wearing uncomfortable clothing can have a direct or indirect impact on how you work. Wearing uncomfortable clothing is distracting, while wearing comfortable clothing allows you to focus on your professional responsibilities. Glas also believes that:

“A key part in people respecting your professional abilities is confidence and a key part of having confidence is to look and feel great in what you are wearing.”

With the success of HauteWork taking off, Glas and NSA met in early 2019 to discuss a potential partnership that aligned their values and vision and less than a year after the initial meeting, NSA expanded their house of brands to include HauteWork.

NSA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of FR clothing, arc flash PPE, FR rain gear, mechanical/cut products, hi-visibility, and thermal products. HauteWork joins their list of diverse brands alongside DRIFIRE, TECGEN FR, Union Line, Vizable FR, Carbon Armour, ArcGuard, and cutGUARD.

NSA is a family owned business, committed to manufacturing in the US and offering the most innovative safety products available. Their partnership with HauteWork is key to ensuring women in the industry have the access to the high-quality protective garments they need when they need them. This partnership also brightens the future of innovative women’s products being developed and introduced to the market. Glas and Jones shared that potential new products include FR outerwear, maternity/adjustable garments, and jeans in curvy sizes.

So, keep an eye out for new products designed specifically for women as NSA and HauteWork work together toward the goal of increasing the FRC offering for women in the industry.

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