The Process Behind Tyndale Products

Tyndale is Proud to Protect™ workers throughout the United States with a full line of high quality arc-rated flame resistant (FR) garments made exclusively in the USA. With superior construction and stylish designs, we offer a complete selection for men and women – making it easy for our customers to stay safe, comfortable, and looking good.

As a manufacturer, Tyndale has have always been – and always will be – 100% committed to our customers. We listen to what your needs are and incorporate them into our designs. It is important for us to always keep our customers in mind because we do not create products to simply look good, we create products to protect you.

The Pattern Department is responsible for developing all new Tyndale products, creating the ‘markers’ for Tyndale production facilities, and the testing of the FR fabrics for shrinkage. While some manufacturers make patterns by hand or outsource this process, Tyndale’s on-site hi-tech patternmaking equipment ensures Tyndale has complete control over the fit, styling, and sizing of our garment patterns, maximizing quality while minimizing room for error.

Watch as Tyndale’s Pattern Department further explains the details and designs behind the creation of our AR / FR products:


Tyndale uses Gerber patternmaking equipment to digitalize the pattern pieces that are used to create garment markers. The equipment allows each pattern piece to be digitally displayed on a computer screen and then printed with the system automatically storing and scaling each piece to the other sizes in the garment’s specified size range.

When each pattern piece is printed, the Pattern Department organizes them on a fabric map in order to get the most fabric utilization, reducing waste and minimizing garment cost. The finalized map, known as a garment ‘marker’, is then reprinted at full size and laid over the fabric indicating how exactly the fabric should be cut for sewing at Tyndale’s manufacturing facilities. The Gerber patternmaking equipment allows efficiency and accuracy when developing new patterns and consistency between each product. It gives Tyndale total control over the garment design process to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Once the marker is made, it is sent to the facilities producing the garment. The process of planning, design, and execution of Tyndale-made products can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the complexity of the garment. Tyndale aims to create 10 to 12 new garments per year.

The bottom line – when it comes to our products, our top priorities are that they fit properly, are comfortable and stylish and, most importantly, protect you on the job.

To learn more, visit our FR Safety Library.

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