Tyndale is Proud to Help

Tyndale is Proud to Help

Ever since the company was founded, Tyndale has played an active role in the communities where our members live and work. Traditionally, this involved organizing activities to support local charities, participating in fund-raising events for national charities, and actively encouraging Tyndale members to make the extra effort to reach out to those who could use a helping hand.

As the company grew in size and scope, CEO Gail Whittenberger realized Tyndale was getting too big for these efforts to be organized around a lunch table. A process was needed to ensure everyone in the company knew about opportunities to help and how to participate.

This led to the 2016 establishment of Tyndale’s Proud to Help Committee. Made up of members from across Tyndale’s various departments, the Committee engages with the entire workforce to find out which causes Members are most enthusiastic about supporting. Each year, a list is drawn up comprised of causes we’ve supported in the past, along with some new charities suggested by Tyndale Members. One or two Committee members spearhead each initiative, publicizing the cause throughout Tyndale, explaining how to help, and organizing and overseeing the actual activities. Take a look:

Over the past two years, Tyndale has supported a wide range of national and local causes near and dear to the hearts of Tyndale members in our Pipersville, PA and Houston, TX locations. Among the charities supported by Proud to Help activities, include:

Tyndale members have supported these and many others through donations of money, goods, and most importantly, their time. Tyndale also operates four Retail Service Centers – in Williamsport, PA; Midland, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; and Concord, CA. Employees at these stores are encouraged to choose a local charity and build a program around supporting the cause. This has led to support for local food banks, Senior Centers, Job Skill Training, and more.

Tyndale’s approximately 400 Members take pride in our company and the communities in which we work. We are happy to find ways to make life better for those in need. For 35 years, Tyndale has been Proud to Protect. And we are just as Proud to Help.

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