Tyndale’s Step by Step Guide to 1910.269 Compliance for Contractors

In April 2014, OSHA issued a ruling that clarified and expanded employers’ responsibility to protect employees from arc flash hazards.  This ruling – 29 CFR 1910.269 and 1926 subpart V, standards governing workplace safety in electric power generation, transmission and distribution work – has been enforced since August 31, 2015. Here’s Tyndale’s Vice President of Technical, Scott Margolin explaining the ruling:

Not sure if your employees are protected under final federal rule 1910.269? Tyndale can help! Tyndale is dedicated to protecting workers by helping contractors understand and gain compliance with the new requirements of OSHA’s final rule.

Act now and save time and headaches over manually managing FRC supply internally:

Step 1: Understand the changes in the standard.

OSHA’s previous requirement was simply that a worker’s clothing “do no harm” in the event of an arc flash. The new ruling represents a distinct departure from the past, as it now explicitly requires employers to provide employees with full-body FR clothing matched to the hazard. Tyndale recently tested a pair of FR jeans against a pair of non-FR 100% cotton jeans. The video of the testing is a valuable demonstration of why the new requirement for full-body FR clothing is important.

Step 2: Assess your current level of compliance.post3

If you don’t currently provide full-body arc-rated clothing to your employees, your workers are at risk. Contact Tyndale if you would like help identifying areas of risk – or to confirm that you are in compliance.  What to do if you are falling short on compliance?  Use our quick-reference guides for additional information and a step-by-step guide on how you can get into compliance quickly.

Request a copy of our fully-clickable digital one-page quick-reference guide here to gain insights and tips for compliance.

Step 3: Contact Tyndale and Implement a Tyndale managed program.

Tyndale is the premier supplier of arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC) to 85% of the country’s shareholder-owned electric utilities throughout the US.

By contacting us, you’ll learn more about getting in compliance and how a Tyndale-managed apparel program works best for you and your employees! Already working with a utility served by Tyndale? Leverage exclusive pricing available to contractors.

As the pioneer in developing and establishing managed programs as an industry benchmark over 35 years ago, Tyndale delivers a proven track record for implementing allowance, allotment, and combination programs.

Tyndale has the flexibility to customize the program to your specific needs. In a Tyndale managed FRC program we work with you to develop a custom catalog, establish an allowance or allotment program and ensure strict budgetary control.

Concerned about short term employees? Tyndale offers a unique solution – quarterly allowances! Worried about appropriate sizing? We offer innovative resources, like pant sizing videos for all Tyndale-made pants. Plus, we offer the industry’s largest assortment of American-made products – including both those made by Tyndale and others made by our supply partners.


Contact us at 800.356.3433 today to learn more about our managed FRC program! Visit our blog to learn more about safety standards, new products, and more!

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