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Enespro - Solutions-based PPE

Tyndale is proud to carry Enespro “Mission Critical PPE” based on their commitment to provide products that meet real-world needs.

Ensepro firmly believes the best arc flash suits are created by the professionals who actually wear them. That’s why at the company’s inception, founders Mike Enright and Rich Gojdics went on a nationwide “listening tour.”

Enright and Gojdics were committed to finding out what working electricians wanted and – more importantly – didn’t want in a next-generation arc flash suit. Some of what they learned tracked with what they already believed. But the greater value came from those insights shared by electricians that Enright and Gojdics hadn’t expected.

After the first round of research, they returned home set to work applying all of the information they had collected to create initial designs for solution-based PPE. Then, with prototypes in hand, it was back on the road to get a reaction and find out how well they had applied the lessons from their earlier interviews.

As one of the electricians they spoke to put it, “Enespro visited to show us prototypes and seek our input on their efforts to improve electrical PPE.  When we sat down clearly they’d done their homework, getting innovative ideas thru many previous customer visits.  Our electricians recognized immediately that Enespro’s product line will enhance their day to day experience wearing PPE.”

With that kind of positive response making up the bulk of the reviews, Enright and Gojdics knew they were on the right track. It was time to firm up designs and get their suits into production. The result is a premium line of arc flash suits that offers a host of unique advantages. Things like proprietary OptiShield™ grey nanoparticle face shields that allow wearers to distinguish between colors better than they could with green shields. The result is safety-enhancing ability to handle color coded wires with confidence.

Another key innovation was the use of 11.5 oz. AirLite ™ fabric that dramatically reduces the weight of Enespro’s 40 Cal suit compared to other products on the market. And the inclusion of FR Control 2.0™ silver microbial finish in hood liners and jacket collars to kill germs and control odors.

Meanwhile, things you might pay a premium for in suits from other manufacturers – zippered leg openings to make it easy to get suits on and off without removing your boots, for instance, or the inclusion of visibility-enhancing reflective striping – were included as standard features in most, if not all, Enespro suits.

This commitment to closely aligning their products with the needs of their customers is a key reason Tyndale agreed to stock Enespro PPE from the start. See the full line of Enespro products at TyndaleUSA.com.

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