See the Value of FRC from INSIDE a Flash Fire

Value of Flame Resistant Clothing

Surprisingly, there are still people working in environments where a flash fire hazard is present who are not yet convinced they should always be wearing flame resistant clothing. Some believe the risk is overstated. Others believe 100% cotton garments provide all the protection they need.

Simply put, they are wrong!

And here’s a video to prove it – complete with a view that was actually filmed inside the flash fire itself:

FR Clothing Vs Non-FR Clothing

This video was shot during a day of flash fire demonstrations hosted by Tyndale and Westex at Texas A&M’s Brayton TEEX Fire Training Field facility in College Station, Texas. At TEEX, flash fire simulations are conducted in a controlled environment to allow for the testing of PPE and more.

As Tyndale VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, described the scene, the FR garment not only did not ignite, but provided insulation to protect the wearer from burns caused by the heat from the actual flash fire. Meanwhile, the cotton coverall caught fire immediately and continued to burn until it was extinguished by the firefighters on the scene.

The footage shot with the camera attached to one of the manikins provides unique – and safe – insight into what it’s like to be caught in a flash fire. Clearly, you want to have all the protection you possibly can if you were to find yourself in a comparable real-life situation.

The facts are in. The debate is over. If you work anywhere where a flash fire could occur, make sure you’re fully protected with the proper FRC. The life you save could be your own.

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