Proud to Pawtect

At Tyndale, we consider ourselves a safety company above all else, and strive to put safety at the forefront of all that we do. This mission is evident in our focus on the voluntary safeguards in place in our quality assurance process, commitment to participation in various standard-setting organizations like ASTM and OSHA, our internal health and safety culture, and more. Recently, our commitment to safe practices rose to new heights – new species, even!

It began at the site of our new Houston distribution center. While construction was in progress, crew members discovered two stray dogs living on the land. The pair, a 9 week old female puppy and 1 ½ year old male dog, were in poor health and barely surviving in the tough conditions of the construction site, but were bonded and would not leave each other’s side.

After efforts to find a no-kill animal shelter in the area to take the pups proved fruitless, Tyndale’s Manager of Retail Operations, Wade Whittenberger, rented a van and embarked on the drive from Houston to Tyndale headquarters in Pennsylvania, with the two dogs snoozing happily alongside each other. Wade brought the dogs home and introduced them to his German Shepard, Bucky, and the three immediately clicked.

After that, the decision was made – Wade adopted the two strays, now named Dutch and Astro, and the new canine siblings lived happily ever after! Check out the video below, with some action shots of the dynamic trio.

Tyndale’s Rescue Dogs

Now that the puppies are safe and thriving at home in Pennsylvania, we can return to our “regularly scheduled programming” – providing you with the clothing you need to get home safely every day! As always, we are Proud to Pawtect you.

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