Warm Up Before Winter: Beat the Rush!

Have you ever walked into a department store in the middle of winter, expecting to see a selection of cold weather gear for sale, only to find bathing suits on display?

Although this seems completely silly on the surface, when you stop to think about it, it makes some sense: if you buy a swim suit before you need it, you’ll have it on hand when you do. And, if you have an unexpected opportunity for a last-minute getaway – in which you need a bathing suit before you were expecting it – it’s ready to go anyway.

Buying arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC) can be much the same.

Although, for most of us, winter temperatures may feel far away, now is the perfect time to evaluate your FRC wardrobe and take stock of what you have.

Do you have the outerwear, layering items, and accessories you’ll need to stay warm when cold temperatures arrive? What if temperatures unexpectedly drop early, when you’re least expecting it?

Ordering now, before the seasons change, works to your advantage in several key ways:

  • Beat the rush! When cold temperatures arrive, many orders are placed at once, and inventory levels can change rapidly – especially if you are looking to order a popular product or have a popular size. Ordering proactively can ensure the item you need is in your hands before you need it.
  • What if you need to return or exchange? You’ll need to allow a few days to ship your return back, and for your replacement order to be processed and delivered back to you. If you order proactively, you’ll have plenty of time to make any returns or exchanges and receive replacement products – before you are caught in the cold, and before the style or size you need are in high demand.
  • What if something unexpected happens? What if there is a stretch of unseasonably cold weather, well before you were expecting it? What if there is an early snow storm or other weather event requiring extended hours out in the elements? What if the weather can’t make up its mind and oscillates back and forth between cold and warm? Thinking a season ahead can help make sure you’re prepared for the whims of the weather with the outerwear and layering items you’ll need.

As colder temperatures creep closer, we’ve stocked our shelves with outerwear and other cold weather items – so you can be ready whenever cold weather strikes. A wide selection of outerwear is in stock now! Claim yours by ordering today.

Ready to order? If your company has a managed program, login to your account to shop your custom catalog. If you don’t have a managed program, you can shop with us online at TyndaleFRC. Customer service is also standing by to help at 800-356-3433.

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