Tyndale’s New Houston Distribution Center is Taking Shape

We love when a plan comes together. And that’s exactly what’s happening down in Houston. Progress is being made on the construction of Tyndale’s new Houston DC on a daily basis.

In an earlier post, Houston Receiving Supervisor, Matt Shull, told you about the plans in the works to make the move from the existing facility to the new DC. Since then, so much has happened!


The exterior shell of the building is fully built out and interior walls and A/C ductwork are being installed.


Meanwhile windows are being installed and the outside of the building is being painted to reflect Tyndale branding.

Driveways to the shipping and receiving area are complete and grading the soil around the exterior of the building is underway.

What’s next?

The plan is to begin installing the pallet racks in early to mid-September. Once the racks are in, the office cubicles and furniture can be put in place – expected to begin in early October. Then all that’s left before goods can begin being moved to the new facility is to get the Certificate of Occupancy.

If the process continues to run as smoothly as it has so far, Tyndale expects to cut the ribbon on our brand-new Distribution Center at the end of October.

With the new DC just weeks from completion, Tyndale’s Houston crew is deep into the planning of the big move to ensure everything a smooth transition. We’ll check in once more when the new DC is ready to open its doors.

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