Introducing the Versa Long Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

When you have to wear FR clothing to stay safe at work, dressing comfortably can be a challenge. FR fabrics are often heavier and less breathable than natural, untreated fibers, and the limited variety of styles makes it difficult to layer up when the weather is apt to change throughout the day. And, FR garments often have an outdated or industrial look, making it necessary for workers to change into “everyday” clothes when the workday is done. However, Tyndale is of the mind that those who are required to wear FR shouldn’t have to settle for clothing that is purely functional, with no regard for comfort or style – and that’s why we created Versa. Combining the latest innovations in FR fabric with modern designs, we’ve fashioned a line of FR clothing that doesn’t force you to choose between working safely and being comfortable.

The Versa Long Sleeve Raglan FR T-Shirt (J02MT) provides CAT 2 protection, and can be worn on its own or used as a building block for layering protection and warmth. Constructed with lightweight 100% FR cotton and designed with color-blocked sleeves to evoke classic athletic style, it fits and feels virtually identical to a shirt you’d choose to wear off the clock. But, it’s also tough enough to keep up with whatever your day throws at you, with durable cover-stitched seams, sleeve hems designed for expert tool-handling, and a pocket and pencil stall on the sleeve. Safety checks are made easy, too, with easy-to-spot CAT 2 and NFPA 2112 exterior labeling on the front of the garment, and Tyndale’s signature American flag patch on the sleeve.

If you’ve been searching for FR that is more than just “workwear”, look no further than the Versa Long Sleeve Raglan FR T-Shirt. It’s modern, comfortable, and most importantly, able to provide the protection you need to work safely. Erase the boundaries between work clothes and the rest of your life – choose Versa!

Interested in learning more about Tyndale’s Versa Collection? Have questions about a Tyndale program or adding this item to an existing program? Contact a Tyndale National Account Executive today, or buy it now from our retail website.

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