Big News from Houston

By Matt Shull, Houston Warehouse Supervisor

It’s time for a big announcement from the Houston Texas distribution center. We’re moving! On May 3, Tyndale broke ground on a new 76,000 square foot warehouse that, upon completion later this year, will replace the current 25,000 square foot Houston DC! Our goal is to extensively plan the move to the new facility to ensure no interruption to our customers.

Planning the move

As they say here in Texas, “This ain’t our first rodeo!” This will be the second significant move from a smaller warehouse into a larger warehouse at Tyndale in the last 8 years. As a result we will be drawing from past experience and relying on seasoned employees to help execute the move.  We’ve already started to plan every detail and make preparations for the move to the new facility.  This includes creating an incredibly detailed floor plan so that we know where everything goes. Our picking locations will double and our storage will increase by more than 70%. We will also have room to more than double the size of our embroidery room, shipping area, and receiving department.

No interruption to customers

Since Tyndale has two distribution facilities there will be no interruption in delivering orders to our customers.  For the brief time that Houston is closed for transition, our Pennsylvania DC will continue to fill all customer orders. Once the new building is prepped to be occupied we will move out of the old and into the new, interrupting service in Houston for just two production days.  With this new facility Tyndale significantly increases our order fulfillment capacity with more than double the space of the current facility. That means room for more on-hand inventory, which translates to shorter lead times for you. We even left room for the ability to add another 30,000 square foot expansion in the future.

The Houston DC has been huge success for Tyndale after only 4 years. With this expansion we are committing to continue serving our customers from Houston.  Expect to hear a lot more from Tyndale about the progress of this building project, and look for the grand opening this fall.


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