Introducing the Versa Insulated Bomber Jacket

If you are required to wear arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing for your job, you may have experienced wearing uncomfortable, generic-looking FR at one time or another. Tyndale understands that workers are more likely to wear protective clothing – and wear it properly – when it’s comfortable and fashionable. Which is why Tyndale and other manufacturers offer FR clothing options that look similar to your favorite non-FR styles, making stiff, industrial workwear a thing of the past. Still, so many workers think that they need to change out of their “work clothes” after work hours. Your time is valuable – which is why we created our new Versa Collection. The Versa Collection is flame resistant, not fashion resistant, with a selection of stylish garments you’ll want to wear on and off the clock. Let’s say goodbye to wasted time and hello to a seamless transition between work and play with the new Versa Collection.


Introducing the Insulated FR Bomber Jacket (K64MT) from Tyndale’s Versa Collection. This jacket provides CAT 4 protection and off the charts style. As you may know, outerwear plays an important role in warmth and protection. Since the inner layer of FR clothing is meant to keep you dry, the outer layer should focus on added warmth and insulation against the cold – and this jacket does just that! It’s important to keep in mind that wearing an FR outer layer over a non-FR inner layer (or vice versa) does not provide adequate protection. Wearing a bulky FR jacket over a non-FR shirt or bottom layer simply provides the wearer a false sense of security. Outerwear must be FR since flammable outerwear can ignite and continue to burn, essentially eliminating the protection of FR clothing worn underneath. This jacket is not only  innovative, comfortable, and stylish, but it also provides warmth day to night and – most importantly – provides the protection necessary to keep you safe on the job. Watch our video to learn more:


Tyndale’s Versa Insulated FR Bomber Jacket features a weather-resistant outershell, with a stylish and functional quilted pattern stitched using durable thread that keeps you warm while remaining lightweight, ensuring freedom of movement. Designed with the worker in mind, the collar, cuffs, and waistline are constructed from double-layered rib knit material to keep drafts out. Essentials stay secure with two zippered pouch pockets on the front of the jacket and Tyndale’s signature arm pocket on the sleeve. No matter where life takes you, stay comfortable and protected – and look good doing it – with Tyndale’s Versa Insulated Bomber Jacket.


Interested in learning more about Tyndale’s Versa Collection? Have questions about a Tyndale program or adding this item to an existing program? Contact a Tyndale National Account Executive today, or buy it now on our retail website.

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