Tyndale’s Culture of Continuous Improvement

It’s been proven over and over again – once customers choose Tyndale, they almost never leave. You don’t earn that kind of loyalty by clinging to the status quo. To that end, Tyndale engages in an on-going, strategic planning process focused on initiatives designed to create a better and better experience for all of our customers. Our corporate culture is one of continuous improvement – and the evidence is on display in every corner of our business.

Operational expansion

Tyndale recently completed a major expansion of our Pipersville, PA distribution center that allows us to hold and process more inventory and reduce lead times on orders. By third quarter of 2018, our Texas operations expects to move to a new facility triple the size of our current Houston DC. In addition, Tyndale has more than doubled the capacity of our embroidery operations and added a second shift in both locations to further increase Tyndale’s ability to ship orders faster.

Product development and innovation

Tyndale works closely with our supply chain partners and has recently focused on building strategic partnerships with Westex and NSA. Together, these alliances are expected to provide Tyndale with earlier, prioritized access to innovative new products and fabrics to better serve the evolving FR needs of our customers. Tyndale has also adopted rigorous Accepted Quality Limit (AQL) standards to help ensure that all Tyndale-made garments are sized correctly. And finally, Tyndale is currently in the process of rolling out or new Versa line of FR clothing – an unprecedented combination of protection, comfort, and contemporary styling. Customers have been asking for FRC that feels and looks good enough to wear on and off the job, and Tyndale is answering that call. Watch for a series of blog posts on the new Versa Collection.

Enhanced technology

Over the past year, Tyndale has prioritized technology improvements that have resulted in a newly enhanced, customer-facing website that makes shopping for FRC easier than ever. The new site has been optimized for all devices, meaning you can now experience the same ease of ordering using your tablet and smartphone as with your PC. It also several new one-of-a-kind innovations:

  • In-stock filter – Once checked, the in-stock filter shows you only those items available in your size and chosen color that are on the shelf and ready to ship quickly. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs new FR fast, such as newly hired employees.
  • Mobile layering app – The new layering app can access your purchase history to see what you already have in your closet, then suggest garments that can combine with what you already owns to provide a designated level of arc-rated protection. It takes the confusion out of layering AR apparel and helps ensure you’re wearing enough protection.
  • Online chat – Have a question about a product, process, or anything else while you’re on the ordering website? Save yourself a call to Customer Service. Just click on the “Chat” button in the lower right of your screen and one of our US-based Customer Service Representatives will sign on and get you the information you need.


We also dramatically expanded the equipment and enhanced the software in our in-house embellishments department, while also increasing staffing levels in the department by 50%. These improvements have increased embroidery productivity by 41% and reduced lead time on embroidered garments. This follows on the heels of Tyndale’s adoption of a state-of-the-art digital pattern making system that ensures consistency from one Tyndale-made garment to the next, while offering the flexibility to adjust patterns for fabric variances, including shrinkage and stretch potential.

Personnel additions

Tyndale has also continued to invest in our staff, adding several experienced and talented individuals in all disciplines and at all levels of the company. For instance, we’ve further reinforced our position as the industry’s leading service provider by adding several National Account Executives and account support personnel to our team to ensure our customers receive the highest level of attention. As Tyndale continues to grow, we remain committed to our service-oriented roots by hiring smart people who work hard and get things done.

At Tyndale, we’re continually looking for ways to serve our customers better and better ensure the safety of the workers who wear the products we sell. We are and forever will be Proud to Protect.

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