Tyndale Now Distributes Salisbury Products

Tyndale Teams Up with Salisbury

Tyndale has been supplying electrical workers with the arc rated, flame resistant clothing you need to stay safe on the job for over 30 years. Now we are proud to offer you the additional protection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Salisbury by Honeywell. Salisbury is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of specialized PPE for use in energized and de-energized work environments.

And now, you can get Salisbury products directly from Tyndale!

As part of Tyndale’s natural evolution as a one-stop supplier of safety equipment for workers in the utility, contract electrician, and electrical maintenance industries, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Salisbury.

Among the efforts Tyndale and Salisbury have already cooperated on is the development of Tyndale’s new 70E “kits.” These kits conveniently pull together everything you need to work safely in an energized environment, including an arc flash suit, hardhat with visor, insulated gloves, and more – all packaged in an easy to carry bag. And, Salisbury’s revolutionary  hardhat with ratcheting face shield is now available directly from Tyndale.

While they are well known for their high quality, NFPA- and OSHA-compliant insulated tools, Salisbury goes beyond tools to offer you the complete solution. Tyndale now offers leading edge Salisbury products including:

  • AR hard hats
  • AR face shields
  • Insulating rubber gloves
  • Leather protector gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Insulating glove liners
  • Dipped sleeves
  • Sleeve harnesses
  • Shoe grounder assemblies
  • AR/FR coveralls

Salisbury products fully comply with ASTM standards and OSHA regulations, ensuring that you’re taking every precaution when you’re on the job. Tyndale is committed to working with only the most reliable and safety-forward suppliers – and Salisbury completely meets those standards. Tyndale, as ever, is proud to protect – now with the assistance of Salisbury products. To learn more about including Salisbury products in your FR clothing program, contact your Tyndale National Account Executive.

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