Time to Move on from Rental Laundry?

Managing the Transition #1

This is the first post in a five-part series sharing common-sense strategies that have worked for other companies looking to move on from rental laundry services. Be sure to follow along with our series:  Rental Laundry Programs, Understanding Program Responsibilities, Managing Garment Inspection and Turn-In, and Auditing the Final Inventory to learn more about each step.

Are you beginning to wonder if a rental laundry program, with the associated service issues and hidden fees, is really the best way to outfit your employees in FRC? Good news: OSHA has repeatedly indicated that employers are not required to launder PPE for employees, and home laundering offers indisputable advantages. Not to mention your company can cut spending by as much as 50% by transitioning to a purchase program.

But the idea of leaving your current supplier can be a bit daunting. With the decision not to renew your legacy rental contract, your company will need to understand and manage the responsibilities associated with having thousands of garments in your system – typically all owned by the rental provider and needing to be returned. Plus, you’ll need to prepare a transition plan.

Luckily, successful transitions made by other companies light a path forward—and out.

In order to fairly transition from your current program, it’s best for both parties to have access to the same, objective facts. However, in some cases, information may be more readily accessible to the rental provider than it is to you, the customer.

Accordingly, the key is to gather objective information, enabling your company to demonstrate the capabilities and knowledge to ensure you are receiving a fair transition.

Generally, there are several common-sense steps to a successful transition; follow along with our series to learn more:

Planning your next move? Explore a flexible purchase program that minimizes costs while maximizing satisfactionservice, and compliance.

Frustrated with laundry rental but require industrial laundry based on the nature of your work environment? A solution is within reach. Hybrid to the rescue!

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