The Challenge of Finding Proper Fitting FRC


At Tyndale, we understand the importance of FRC that fits properly. It goes beyond safety.  When they’re comfortable, workers can be fully engaged in work activities – which drives safety and productivity.  You’re looking for garments that are large enough to offer freedom of movement and the “air gap” that can provide added protection against a flash fire or arc flash, but trim enough so as to not be a snag hazard while working around equipment. But consistently finding the right fit can be a challenge.

Every FR clothing manufacturer uses different patterns and measurements when they create their garments. So, for instance, jeans from different manufacturers are almost certain to fit differently from one to another.

But even products sold by the same company can fit differently from item to item. How can that be? Watch Tyndale’s Achieving Proper Fit video to gain some insight into the issues involved.

As the video shows, some inconsistency in sizing is possible due to the materials used and the potential for human error. However, quality manufacturers are able to minimize sizing inconsistencies through rigorous quality control.

The Tyndale Approach

To help our customers order FRC with confidence that garments will fit the way the wearer expects them to, Tyndale has undertaken a major initiative aimed at standardizing the sizes of all Tyndale-made garments. In fact, at Tyndale, that process begins even before the garments take shape.

Due to differences in cotton fibers every roll of fabric has the potential to shrink differently. So, Tyndale assesses each individual roll for shrinkage potential and then uses that data to adjust pattern parameters. Then the various cut pieces that go into the construction of the garments are measured to make sure they meet the specifications for that garment. Finally, once the garment is fully built, multiple measurements are taken to determine whether the garment falls within the stringent tolerances Tyndale has established. It’s important to note that Tyndale garments are constructed to “fit to size.” That means if your waist measures 34”, you should order Tyndale pants in size 34” waist. Garments that do not meet Tyndale’s sizing specification ranges are rejected and either sold as seconds or destroyed.

If you receive a garment from Tyndale – whether made by Tyndale or another manufacturer – that does not fit according to your expectations, we will make it right.  Simply return any unwashed, unworn item to us within 60 days of receipt with a note explaining your sizing concerns, and we will replace the item at no charge, contingent upon your company’s return policy.  While there may be some variation in the garments you receive from us, our commitment is for you to receive products that fit properly and keep you comfortable, looking good, and most importantly, safe!



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