What Kinds of Managed FR Clothing Programs are Available?

Allowance Programs vs. Allotment Programs

Are your employees required to wear arc-rated/flame resistant clothing (FRC) to stay safe on the job? Good news: gone are the days where you were required to manually handle a long list of tasks that included:

  • maintaining your roster of employees in need of clothing
  • collecting employee sizes and painstakingly placing bulk orders
  • tracking company spending at the employee level
  • maintaining data on which employees received which items and when
  • sifting through bulk shipments and distributing orders to individual employee
  • managing individual employee questions, issues, exchanges, and returns

…all in addition to the core responsibilities of your job!

In fact, over the last 20 years, managed programs have become the industry-standard approach to purchasing FRC. Since Tyndale pioneered the model, managed programs have proven their ability to streamline FRC procurement, while adding in valuable services. No need to juggle separate suppliers, manage data internally, or be involved in the day-to-day resolution of questions or issues!

But how do managed programs work, and what kinds of managed programs are available?

Generally, managed programs are retail-style, stipend-based purchase programs in which each of your employees is treated as an individual when it comes to ordering, spend enforcement, customer service, order packaging and delivery, and returns, exchanges, and repairs.

Advanced suppliers offer additional services, such as technical expertise, online ordering, onsite fittings, detailed recordkeeping and reporting services, advanced quality assurance, and on-hand inventory to support prompt delivery.

When sourced from a qualified provider, managed programs reduce headaches and stress by keeping you out of the FRC business—that is, they take on total clothing management so you don’t have to. In doing so, they streamline service and deliver lowest overall cost of ownership.

In fact, your company simply sets parameters, which can often be customized to the needs of specific groups or locations within your company. When working with a supplier to establish your managed program, one of the first decisions you’ll make is what type of managed program you want.

Allotment Programs

In an allotment-based program, your company establishes a predetermined number of garments to meet the needs of each employee. A typical allotment might include 5-6 base layer shirts, 5 outer shirts, 5 pants, 2 sweatshirts, and 1 piece of outerwear appropriate to prevailing weather conditions.

Employees are then free to select a preferred combination of Company-approved garments to make up their full allotment. For instance, they might choose 3 Tyndale jeans and 2 Bulwark cargo pants to meet their 5 pant allotment.

Allowance Programs

In an allowance-based program, your company establishes a total dollar amount that each employee is allowed to spend on a preferred combination of items from your custom catalog of Company-approved items.

This gives employees the flexibility to build the work wardrobe that best suits their needs. For instance, an employee who already has several FR outer shirts in good condition might prefer to use their balance for more pants.

Allowance programs generally provide the most flexibility, which can drive employee satisfaction and FRC compliance. Further, allowance programs provide the most straightforward budgeting; total spend is simply the number of employees multiplied by the dollar amount your company will provide to each.

Combination Programs

Concerned your needs don’t fit neatly into either solution? Have no fear! Allowance and allotment programs are not mutually exclusive. Experienced suppliers such as Tyndale can easily create a “combination” program, pairing an allowance for some items with an allotment for other items.

For example, you can leverage an allowance-based program for their employee’s daily wear with an allotment for specific annual quantities of outerwear, rainwear, or protective footwear – all supplied by Tyndale. Tyndale can even supply PPE safety supply items. Within the online ordering website, employees easily select between catalogs, using separate stipends to order company-approved amounts of company-approved items.

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