Task-based and Daily Wear Approaches to FR Clothing Programs

When designing an arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing program for your workers, one of the first decisions you will make is whether to choose a “task-based” or “daily wear” approach to outfitting your workers. But what are the differences between these two approaches, and which is a better fit for your company?

Find out in this short video featuring Scott Margolin, our own Vice President of Technical, and recognized subject matter expert:

As Scott explains, the approach that is best for your company will depend on how often your workers are completing work in an energized environment.

A task-based program is often used when workers are not frequently doing energized work. Instead, workers wear “normal” clothes to work – as long as it’s natural fiber (non-melting) – and carry a kit containing all PPE needed for energized work. Typically, this kit includes an arc suit, hard hat, face shield, rubber gloves, leather keepers, safety glasses, and other PPE required to cross the limited approach boundary. When workers need to perform energized work, they simply put on the gear from the kit over their natural fiber clothing to safely complete the work in compliance with NFPA 70E.

On the other hand, when energized work is a large part of workers’ day, a daily wear program is typically a safer and more efficient way of protecting workers. As part of this approach, workers are outfitted in appropriate arc-rated flame resistant clothing all day every day. No changing required at the start or finish of energized work!

There are pros and cons, as well as different cost structures, to consider with each of these approaches. Look out for our next post for more information.

Sometimes, companies with multiple work groups and job sites will even customize the PPE approach to individual groups of workers by job function—with some workers in daily wear programs and others utilizing a task-based approach.

Follow along with our series as we continue to explore and compare task-based and daily wear programs.

Need help navigating the industry and identifying the right program type and garments for your workers? Use the box on the right to request a complimentary technical consultation with Scott Margolin, who can help you assess your specific situation and determine which model best suits your needs.

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