Ordering FR at Tyndale Fitting Events Easier than Ever

So far in 2017, Tyndale has conducted dozens of fitting events at customer locations in 37 different states, attended by nearly thousands of employees. These events give workers the opportunity to see, touch, and try on articles of FR clothing included in their program. This in turn leads to better fits, increased comfort, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Not surprisingly, many employees want to order new FR on the spot – having just found the shirt, pants, jacket, or other garment that’s a perfect fit. Until recently, the only order option available at fittings involved completing a paper order form by hand and submitting it to the Tyndale Field Sales Representative managing the fitting event. These order forms are then returned to Tyndale headquarters where they were input by hand in Tyndale’s Customer Service department.

But now, Tyndale has added a new option to traditional paper forms. Beginning in early November, all Tyndale Field Sales Representatives have an exciting new tool in their bags – iPad tablets configured to allow fitting attendees to place their orders electronically through the Tyndale Shop Site. This is just the latest in a string of recent technological initiatives designed to create an ever more rewarding user experience for Tyndale customers.

The new iPads will be mounted at kiosks where employees can easily place their orders. If they have any questions about the order process, they’ll be able to access Tyndale’s new chat functionality within the order site, and a customer service rep will guide them through the process.

To learn more about what to expect at a Tyndale fitting event, watch our video.


In addition to the new iPads, attendees at fittings have another new way to place their orders. The Tyndale shop site was recently optimized for all devices. So, workers who have their smartphones with them, can access the Tyndale Shop Site, explore the site, choose garments, and place orders right on their phones.

Making it easier to place orders digitally offers customers a number of important benefits. For starters, returning the forms to headquarters and entering them into the system manually takes time. When orders are placed through the kiosks or on smartphones, they go directly into the system, meaning garments are delivered to the customers who ordered them even faster. Also, without the need to manually transpose orders from the paper forms into the master system the possibility of human error is reduced. That can help to ensure that customers receive exactly the items they want as quickly as possible.

By expanding the ordering options at fitting events, Tyndale is acting on our mission to provide an enjoyable uniform experience. We remain committed to offering the best possible user experience. If you have an idea for how Tyndale could make your FR purchase experience better, contact us at tyndaleusa.com.

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